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World Map

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World Map


Flaris is the starting world, here is where you will familiarize yourself with the game and where you will start to learn how the interface works. Flaris Town will also host many NPC vendors that will sell and buy your wares. There are numerous quests available in Flaris Town (Flarine), NPCs that carry a Quest you are able to start will have a "?" over their head. Generally you will explore Flaris from level 1-15. Flaris will also introduce you to Player Shops and once you start to get some sellable loot, you may want to try to sell them in your own Player Shop and try to get a little more for them than a NPC will buy them for. You can also find some good deals from Player Shops.

Mobs in Flaris include:

Aibatt, Mushpang, Burudeng, Pukepuke, Peakyturtle, Demian, Doridoma, Lawolf, Fefern, NyangNyang, Bang, Flying Mothbees

Office Quests in Flaris

Mars Mine Dungeon

The Mars Mine has be redone in order to make it the new high level area in Madrigal. Th dungeon is located in the most northern part of Flaris.

Mobs inside Mars Mine Dungeon include:

Yggdrasil Armor Bug, Naiphin, Yggdrasil Ant, Yggdrasil Guardian Ant, Angry Naiphin, Depressed Naiphin, Yggdrasil Queen Ant, Huge Naiphin, Contaminated Dryad, Contaminated Yggdrasil Tree Branch

Saint Morning

Saint Morning is where you will go from levels 15-40. Like Flaris, Saint Morning (SM) will supply you with NPC Vendors for equipment and regenerative items more to your current level. SM also has a few NPCs that carry quests. Here you can explore the multilevel city and check your fear of heights at the Loading Docks located high above the city to the north. When you are qualified you can visit the city banker and start up a guild.

Mobs located on Saint Morning:

Bang, Wagsaac, Flybat, Mia, Mr.Pumpkin, Red Mantis, Jack The Hammer, Giggle Box, Rock Muscle, Bucrow, Hobo, Dumb Bull, Totemia, Cardpuppet

Sain City Quest Office

Ivillis Dungeon

This is an dungeon located southern part of Saint Morning. You can obtain quests there from Mayor of Sain City, once you are higher than level 45.

Mobs located on Ivillis Dungeon:

Ivillis Boxter, Ivillis Red Otem, Ivillis Guarder, Ivillis Poisoner, Ivillis Black Otem, Ivillis Thief, Ivillis Puppet, Ivillis Dozer, Ivillis Mushellizer, Ivillis Crasher, Ivillis Quaker, Ivillis Dandysher , Ivillis Leanes

Garden of Rhisis

This is an island located just NorthEast of Saint Morning, where you usually go from levels 40-50. The island will host mobs from level 42-53

Mobs located on Garden of Rhisis:

Tombstonebearer, Scorpicon, Basque, Prankster, Wheelem

Quests to Here can be obtained from Saint Morning.


Island of Darkon is the place for level 50-120 players. It is generally separated into 3 parts, Darkon 1, Darkon 2(city) and Darkon 3. It includes 2 dungeons and monsters from level 51-119, so basically it's the place where you will be spending most of your time, after you get high enought level to go there.

Mobs located on Darkon:

Leyena, Trangfoma, Steamwalker, Steel Knight, Zombiger, Nuctuvehicle, Nutty Wheel, Driller, Risem, Grrr, Volt, Elderguard, Dump, Garbagepider, Crane Machinery, Nautrepy, Syliaca, Greemong, Boo, Carrierbomb, Hoppre, Mushpoie, Iren, Watangka, Antiquery, Luia, Gongury, Shuhamma, Kern, Glaphan, Chimeradon, Bearnerky, Chef Muffrin, Popcrank

Darken City Quest Office

Dekane Mine

This is an Dungeon meant for level 80+ players, it is located to Western part of Darkon 1.

As of V11, the Dekane Mine are now open to 60+, and no longer require a ticket.

Mobs located on Dekane Mine:

Keakoon, Blue Roach, Pink Roach, Green Trillipy, Violet Trillipy, Blood Trillipy, Mutant Keakoon, EliteKeakoon

Volkane Dungeon

New dungeon at the very south point of Darkon 3, meant for players over level 110.

Mobs located in Volkane Dungeon:

Meteonyker, Cyclops X, Red Meteonyker


New found continent, this area is for levels 105~121. There are also 2 Instance Dungeons. Quests for this continent can be found in Fallen Leaf Camp

Mobs located on Shaduwar

Battle Toadrin, Giant Battle Toadrin, Troglodon Warrior, Troglodon Warlord, Spotted Bolo, Great White Bolo, Araknoid, Giant Araknoid, Club-tailed Reptilion, Colonel Club-tailed Reptilion

Aminus Dungeon

Instance Dungeon for levels 110~120

Mobs located on Aminus Dungeon

Axe-Jaw Ant, Razor Axe-Jaw Ant, Scorpede, Giant Scorpede, Maul Rat, Giant Maul Rat, Lykanos the Malevolent, Drakul the Diabolic

Cursed Aminus Dungeon

Instance Dungeon for levels 110M~Hero

Mobs located on Cursed Aminus Dungeon

Cursed Axe-Jaw Ant, Cursed Razor Axe-Jaw Ant, Cursed Scorpede, Cursed Giant Scorpede, Cursed Maul Rat, Cursed Giant Maul Rat, Dread Lykanos the Malevolent, Dread Drakul the Diabolic

Valley of the Risen

This area is located north of Shaduwar. You can find monsters from level 121 to 133. Quests for this continent can be found in Fallen Leaf Camp

Mobs located on Valley of the Risen

Hellhound, Risen Gladiator, Risen Pikeman, Risen Mage, Risen Assassin, Risen Warrior, (General) Razgul

Catacombs of Anguish

Instance Dungeon for levels 125~136

Mobs located on Catacombs of Anguish

Blighted Gryphon, Scythe Protector, Vile Flayer, Fallen Necromancer, Forsaken Banshee, Idol of Blighted Gryphon, Idol of Scythe Protector, Idol of Vile Flayer, Idol of Fallen Necromancer, Idol of Forsaken Banshee, (Deathbringer) Kheldor


This area is located north of Valley of the Risen.This area is inhabited by monster of level 129 to 140. Quests for this continent can be found at (Quest Office) Miorang

Mobs located on Kaillun

Hundur Sharpfoot, Samoset, Kyouchish, Kanonicus, Mage Redcloud, Taiaha, Chief Keokuk

Ankou's Asylum

Instance Dungeon for levels 125~145

Mobs located on Ankou's Asylum

Monument of Death, (Twisted Soul) Orcus, (Tormented Soul) Nergal, (Demonic Soul) Hel, (Perverted Soul) Morrigan, (Anguished Soul) Mara, (Violent Soul) Ghed, (God of Death) Ankou

Rhisis' Trail

Instance Dungeon for levels 150~156

Mobs located on Rhisis' Trail

Contaminated Aibatt, Contaminated Wagsaac, Contaminated Glaphan, Contaminated Giant Kururung, Contaminated Giant Mushmoot, Mushmoot Minion, Glapen Minion, Cyclops, (Flame King) Meteonyker

Bahara Desert

This area is located west of Kaillun. You will find monsters with a range of level 137 to 146. Quests for this continent can be found at (Quest Office) Miorang

Mobs located on Bahara Desert

Wild Sand Skitter, Wild Sunbaked Rhino, Desert Spirit of the Fallen Soldier, Desert Spirit of the Fallen Mage, Warrior Sand Skitter, Sunbaked Rhino Warrior, Desert Spirit of the Commander, Desert Spirit of the Sage, Basilisk of the Great Maw

Kalgas Cave

Instance Dungeon for levels 141~152

Mobs located on Kalgas Cave

Baby Kargo, Kalgas Kargo Ripper, Kalgas Hound, (Kalgas Guardian) Astaroth, (Kalgas Guardian) Malphas, Kalgas Cave Creeper, Kalgas Wretched Soul, Kalgas Statue, (God of Wrath) Kalgas

Off World

Coral Island

Premium area, a ticket is needed to go here. This island is for levels 43~69

Mobs located on Coral Island

Kingster, Kraken, Creper, Naga, Atrox, Okean, Tigar, Dorian, Meral

Forsaken Tower

This tower requires payment in penya to get in. Amounts are based on tower level. This area is for levels 62~121

Mobs located on Forsaken Tower

Catsy, Great Catsy, Giant Catsy, Harpy, Great Harpy, Giant Harpy, Gullah, Great Gullah, Giant Gullah, Abraxas, Great Abraxas, Giant Abraxas, Hague, Great Hague, Giant Hague, Tengu, Great Tengu, Giant Tengu, Asterius, Great Asterius, Giant Asterius, Dantalian, Great Dantalian, Giant Dantalian, Gannessa, Great Gannessa, Giant Gannessa, Asuras, Great Asuras, Giant Asuras, Nyx, Asmodan


Premium area, a ticket is needed to go here. This island is for levels 73~115

Mobs located on Azria Yetti, Mutant Yetti, Augu, Mutant Augu, Ghost of the Forgotten Prince, Ghost of the Forgotten King, Mammoth, Cannibal Mammoth


Premium area, a ticket is needed to go here. This island is for levels 116~127

Mobs located on Traseia Sakai, Vile Thorn, Grumble Mauler, Blackweb Shade, Dire Razor, Immovable Crag, Guan Yu Heavyblade

Dark Traseia

Premium area, a ticket is needed to go here. This island is for levels 129~161

Mobs located on Dark Traseia Dark Guardian Terrapin, Dark Usagi Fighter, Dark Usagi Blade Master, Dark Usagi Yari, Dark Usagi Ninja, Dark Usagi Axe Master, Iblis's Perpetrator


Emporium is a premium area where you can find premium features like Special Rental Pang, Buff Pang for everyone and a key seller NPC.

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Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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