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Bahara Desert

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The Past

The arid and perilous Bahara Desert lies to the far west of the Kaillun Grasslands. Connected to the rest of the world by only a small mysterious tunnel, this desolate expanse is more than capable of swallowing would be adventurers whole; their fate is only to be lost forever in her sands. Home to ferociously tough cold blooded lizards, vicious scaled stampeding Rhinos, and even restless undead souls, this wasteland can hardly be considered suitable for any adventurer save for the strongest. Discovered only a few months after the Muran and their home Eillun was found, the Bahara desert is still ripe and fresh for exploration. Be warned though dear adventurer, according to the few Muran that have managed to survive in the unforgiving desert, there are tales of a giant Basilisk that swallows people whole. There are also records of a great cave that is called home by a legendary and best forgotten wyrm. The Muran themselves speculate that this wyrm may in fact be The God of Wrath itself, and lost brother to Ankou. Needless to say, the Bahara Desert lies in wait for the brave and the bold…

Present Day

If there is a single safe haven from the perils of the Bahara Desert, it is called Ruendera Camp. A small outpost of Muran explorers, this little camp is thankfully just outside the tunnel that connects Bahara to Kaillun. It is only a tiny spec in comparison to the expanse of the great desert however, so be warned and do not let your guard down even when within the confines of the oasis.

Bahara Desert
Image:Bahara Desert Flag.png

The national flag

Got Water?

Capital : Ruendera

Currency : Penya

Population :

Bahara Desert
Town Map


Quests Available in Bahara Desert

Office Quests:

(Quest Office) Miorang

General Quests:

Special Features

Kalgas Cave


Bahara Desert

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