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Mothbee Pronounced moth-bee

A Mothbee's apperance consist of yellow jacket bodies and large mothlike wings. When it comes to damage, these monsters seem to be underestimated since they do not appear very large. You may want to practice your flying skills before you attempt a go at one of these.

Locating Mothbee

The Mothbee is found all over Flaris and over the ocean separating Flaris and Saint Mornings. He can also be found flying over the west coast of Saint Mornings.

Mothbee Statistics

Name Lvl Hp Def M Def Str Sta Dex Int Atk Exp Class Ele
Small Mothbee 20 3,404 28 20 15, 57 53 45 175 ~ 184 53 Small Image:Wind.gif
Mothbee 20 3,404 29 20 15 57 53 45 175 ~ 184 55 Normal Image:Wind.gif
Captain Mothbee 21 3,521 30 21 15 59 55 47 179 ~ 188 61 Captain Image:Wind.gif
Giant Mothbee 25 75,204 81 25 15 65 63 54 379 ~ 399 479 Giant Image:Fire.gif

Fighting Style

Mothbee's Capabilities
Atk Spd: 1s Spells:
Atk Delay: 3s Poison No
Melee Attack - Distance: Yes Poison sting No
Ranged Attack - Distance: Yes Stun No
AOE Area of Attack - Distance: No Stun Group No
Rage: Normal Rage 1.25x at 30% HP Root No
Spawns lesser monsters: No Bleeding No
Fighting Distance: Close Up Disenchant No
Recovers HP: No Earthquake No
Run Speed: Very Fast Electric Shock No
Runs Away Low HP: No Pulling No
Silence No

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet


Quest Item:

29 ~ 44

Strawberry Shake Barbeque Third Refresher VitalDrink 200
Stinger Set pieces Sardine pieces Niz Set pieces Flower Set pieces
Axe of Luda Sword of BoBoKu Shining Sword Claw of Lawolf
Flarine Stick Toy of Iblis Irony Knuckle Staff of Luena Lab
Lightened Wand Bow of Accuracy Meryl Stick Kehin Sword
Nefume Wand Shuprim Staff Pazion Knuckle Grabber Axe
Battle Shield


Upgrade Material:
Elemental Cards Suit Socket Cards (2%)~(4%) Weapon Socket Cards (D)~(B)



A player, level 20 would need to kill 143 Mothbee to gain next level.

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