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Fighting Style
Ivillis Dandysher
When Dieing Do they run
Ranged Attack
AOE Area of Attack
Spawns lesser monsters

Ivillis Dandysher Pronounced ih-vhul-lis-dan-dy-shur

He will spawn as you fight his master the Ivillis Leanes. He spawns in packs of 3 to 5. If you kill him first he will respawn. Tip kill Leanes first. This dungeon monster is aggravated.

Locating Ivillis Dandysher

You don't find him he finds you.

Ivillis Dungeon
Leanes Temple

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet

Ivillis Dandysher Statistics

Name lvl HP Def Mdef Exp Atk Ele
Ivillis Dandysher 68 13,000 97 62 21,774 418~440 Image:Wind.gif

Note: Atk stat comes from kFlyff and may differ from our version.




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