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Red Meteonyker

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Red Meteonyker

Red Meteonyker Pronounced Red Mee-tee-o-n-eye-ker

This is a very powerful monster. This monster will make even Clockworks seem like a little defenseless baby. the only people that even stand a chance against the behemoth are 115+ normal players and 110+ masters/Heroes. This is not a monster to be taken lightly, if you go in there underestimating red meteonyker you WILL die...

Locating Red Meteonyker

To reach him you must enter the Volkane Dungeon
Volkane Dungeon

Red Meteonyker Statistics

Name Lvl Hp Def M Def Str Sta Dex Int Atk Exp Class Ele
Red Meteonyker 120 100,000,000 ' ' 15 20 200 200 1~1 10,000,000 Mid-Boss Image:Fire.gif

Fighting Style

Red Meteonyker's Capabilities
Atk Spd: 1s Spells:
Atk Delay: 3.5s Poison No
Melee Attack - Distance: Yes Poison sting No
Ranged Attack - Distance: Yes Stun Yes
AOE Area of Attack - Distance: Yes Stun Group No
Rage: Yes Root No
Spawns lesser monsters: No Bleeding No
Fighting Distance: Close Up Disenchant No
Recovers HP: No Earthquake No
Run Speed: Normal Electric Shock No
Runs Away Low HP: No Pulling No
Silence No

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet
No Quests available for this masquerpet


Quest Item:
Image:Dragon Heart.gif Dragon Heart Image:Dragon Tooth.gif Dragon Tooth
Image:Chicken.jpg Chicken Stick Image:MeatSalad.gif Meat Salad Image:FruitPunch.gif Fruit Punch Image:Vitaldrink500.jpg VitalDrink 700
Image:SeventhRefresher.gif Seventh Refresher
Acer Set pieces Grim Set pieces Nanemvis Set pieces Noctis Set pieces
Nox Set pieces Velox Set pieces Cruentus Set pieces Curena Set pieces
Revenio Set pieces Twilight Set pieces
Image:Bloodybow.gif Bloody Bow Image:Bloodyyoyo.gif Bloody Yo-Yo Image:Bloodyknuckle.gif Bloody Knuckle Image:Bloodystick.gif Bloody Stick
Image:Bloodystaff.gif Bloody Staff Image:Bloodywand.gif Bloody Wand Image:Bloodysword.gif Bloody Sword Image:Bloody2handsword.gif Bloody Slayer
Image:Bloodyaxe.gif Bloody Axe Image:Bloody2handaxe.gif Bloody Two-hand Axe
Vigor Ring+18 Intelli Ring+18 Arek Ring+18
Upgrade Material:
Elemental Cards Suit Socket Cards (4%) Weapon Socket Cards (B)
Sunstone Moonstone
Flyff Pieces Riding Cloud (Blood Red)


A player, level {{{mob level}}} would need to kill {{{#kills}}} Red Meteonyker to gain next level. {{{trivia}}}

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