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Dekane Mine

Dekane Mine
Dekane Mine

Dekane Mine is the third dungeon in the world of Madrigal. The masquerpets are level 85-95. Like all dungeons, exp gain is a bit higher but monsters have a lot more hp. All monsters in the Mines are aggravated. You can obtain the starting quest from Dwarpet Rankashu, once you reach level 70. The actual dungeon quest starts at level 85 and is given by Drian, a Keakoon standing inside the first room of mines in the back. As of Version 11, you are required to be level 60 to enter the Dekane Mine (previously, the Entrance Card item obtained from the level 70 quest was required).

Something happened long ago that turned these Keakoons. Where before they would work in harmony with man now they attack on sight. Will you venture in to seek the truth or cower in the face of their rage?

Dekane Mine is accessible from the Darkon 1 continent.

Dungeon Particularities

All Masquerpets are aggravated. This is not an Instance Dungeon so other players will be present.
Entrance Fee

None now but once upon a time a Card was needed to open this dungeon.
Note: In order to get into the Dekane Mine, you need to click on the lever. image:Dekane Mine Lever.png

Quests Available
Level requirement: 70
Level requirement: 85~120


Mine Card
Image:Mine card.png
Bernard Card
Andre Card
Wake Roach Water
Image:Roach Fluids.png
Puran Necklace

Qurion Weapons
Gear / Stats Gear / Stats

Qurion Sword

Attack Speed+3.5%

Qurion Axe

Attack Speed+3.5%

Qurion Stick

Attack Speed+3.5%

Qurion Knuckle

Attack Speed+3.5%

Qurion Wand


Qurion Staff


Qurion Yoyo

Attack Speed+3.5%

Qurion Bow

Attack Speed+3.5%
Quest Items Found Here
Coming Soon

This dungeon is for level 85 ~ 95


This is a regular dungeon so masquerpets hit a little bit harder here then on normal map.

There is NO legal way for a normal player (non GM) to reach the Blood Trillipy area during normal play. Access to this area currently is not implemented in-game. Therefore if a player is found in this area, they will be BANNED as the only way a player can reach this area (without the assistance of a GM) is by abusing a glitch which is a bannable offense

Unique Items that can be obtained

Dekane Mine does contain item uniquely found here.
See Quest Prize

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