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The Past

When the Rhisians first came to Saint Morning 1,000-some years ago, it was a land with forests as far as the eye can see. Its unique landscape and environment made it ideal for newcomers to come settle down and begin a new life. Saint Morning received its name from a priest, named Alastaire Morning, who aided many people during the Great Crossing between the Garden of Rhisis and the new world. He founded the Holy Morning City, now known as Sain City, upon arrival. His teachings still stand strong even today, some say that during harsh cold winters, you may just see his spirit walking about aiding weary travelers back to shelter.
Several centuries after Priest Alastaire's death, Darkonians began appearing in Sain City, with them their rough manners and knowledge of weapons. With this change, the Place of Teaching became a battle arena for the people to come test their skill. Displeased by the barbarism, several moved out of Sain City in search of a new settlement, far away from the battle cries.
The new settlement was to be know of as Shadia, named after the Hill of Shade that resided nearby. Little to their knowledge these lands were cursed by the Goddess Shade herself. Ignorant of the danger and warnings that the natives cautioned them with. They built their town in hopes that it'll be just as grand as Sain City was. The months flew by with no hassle, and a great harvest had sprouted in the small farm lands by the houses. In celebration of this, there was a Great Festival, it didn't last very long however. For as soon as the moon rose up from the horizon, the people began to suddenly mutate into monsters.
When the people of Sain City came to see Shadia to visit their family and friends that they haven't heard from in several weeks, all that remained were pumpkin-like monsters and the the final preparations of a festival that never received an ending. Thus earning itself the name Pumpkin Town which is now used in horror stories to frighten young children.

Present Day

Today Saint Morning is best known for its Battle arena and friendly hospitality. However, within the walls of Sain City, it's not necessarily as peaceful as one would think. A dark secret is being kept locked away by the Mayor, for it involves small girls who were taken away from their families to be experimented on and evolve into a monster known as Mia. If word got out however, it would cause this religious town to tumble into chaos.
Saint Morning is home of one of Madrigal's largest and oldest cities, Sain City. With a recorded history of over 1,000 years, it is located on the far eastern coast of the map and borders the Garden of Rhisis.

Saint Morning
Image:Saint Morning_Flag.png

The national flag

May Rhisis guide your travels
Hymn to the Heavens

Capital : Sain City

Currency : Penya

Population : 6,000

Saint Morning
Town Map
Sain City


Sain City

Outside Sain City

Quests Available in Saint Morning



Special Features


Saint Morning Map

Ivillis Dungeon

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