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Fighting Style
When Dieing Do they run ?
Ranged Attack ?
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Nautrepy Pronounced naw-trep-pee

Nautrepy is a large flying squirell with aviator goggles. He has soft brown or black fur with

light brown markings and an 8 pack you'll never forget. His wingspan is from his wrist to his feet and it's a

mystery why he doesn't fly. Imagine seeing him in the air?

Locating Nautrepy

The most popular spawn of Nautrepy is found in western Darkon 3, near the Altar of Elementer.


Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet

Nautrepy Statistics

Name lvl HP Def Mdef Exp Atk Ele
Small Nautrepy 68 14,005 98 78 14,383 836~880 Image:Wind.gif
Nautrepy 69 14,300 98 79 15,965 915~964 Image:Wind.gif
Captain Nautrepy 70 28,602 99 79 17,721 941~990 Image:Wind.gif
Giant Nautrepy 73 390,112 95 112 98 100,317 1,411~1,485 Image:Fire.gif

Note: Atk stat comes from kFlyff and may differ from our version.


Meat Salad Food item for recovering HP.
Icecream Cake Food item for recovering HP.
Steamed Seafood Food item for recovering HP.
Eighth Refresher Food item for recovering MP.
VitalDrink 800 Food item for recovering FP.
Sunstone Enchanting item for basic upgrading.
Cyclone Card Enchanting item for Wind upgrading level 1~20.
Penya In game currency.
Also drops equipment such as Armor and Weapons.



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