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The Past

Little is known of this newly found territory. It is part of the long lost continent called Roika. Most likely the point of fissure in the first war with Shade. This would be the area where she herded all the inhabitants or Roika before slitting the land and sending them all adrift. If one ventures to the north, one will find a great wall. In it there once was a passage way to lands farther north but this passage way was sealed long ago with chains and boulders.

Present Day

Shaduwar, a lost continent to the north, was recently re-discovered by fearless explorers. Shaduwar’s swampy, jungle-filled terrain is infested with vicious inhabitants and hidden dangers. Players will discover new quests and two new instance dungeons where every party faces an entire dungeon filled with unique creatures and treasure of its own. Beware, there’s a new Vampire boss lurking in these dungeons and he’s out for blood. High stakes battles will yield handsome rewards for the successful. Players will find the brand new high level weapon drops to be quite worth the perils that await them. Should you wish to explore this vast new continent, you can do so by flying from Northern Darkon 1 (Near the Gouthan Mountains) straight north. You will see a new path is available just over the mountain range there.


The national flag

Got Garlic
Ballad of the Undead

Capital : Fallen Leaf Camp

Currency : Penya

Population : 8

Town Map
Fallen Leaf Camp


Quests Available in Shaduwar

All quests in Shaduwar are given by the NPC (Quest Office) Jano

Non Master Quests levels 105~117
Aminus Dungeon Quests
Master Quests levels 105~117
Cursed Aminus Dungeon Quests

Special Features

Aminus Dungeon


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