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Ingame Maps

The ingame maps found by clicking 'M' when ingame.

World Menu
World Map
Region Menu
Flaris Saint Morning Garden of Rhisis
Darkon 1,2 Darken 3 Shaduwar
Valley of the Risen Kaillun Map Bahara Desert Map
Town Menu
Flarine Town Map Sain City Town Map
Darken Town Map Eillun Town Map
Dungeon Menu
Mars Mine Dungeon Big Thyred Krren Dacid
Moot Arvan Forsaken Tower 1F Forsaken Tower 2F
Forsaken Tower 3F Forsaken Tower 4F Forsaken Tower 5F
Ivillis Dungeon Dekane Mine Volkane Dungeon
The Wilds The Savage Wilds Isle of Dreams
Isle of Nightmares Cove of the Ancients Abyssal Cove of the Ancients
Les Britannia S La Christiana A Aminus Dungeon
Cursed Aminus Dungeon Catacombs Ankou's Asylum
Image:Catacombs Dungeon Map.png
Kalgas Cave Coral Island Azria
Traseia Dark Traseia

Monster Maps

Flaris Masquerpets Mars Mine Dungeon Saint Morning
Ivillis Dungeon Garden of Rhisis Coral Island
The Wilds The Savage Wilds Darkon 1
Image:The Wild Monster..jpg Image:The Savage Wilds Monster.jpg
Dekane Mine Dungeon Darkon 2 Darkon 3
Forsaken Tower/Secret Rooms b1 Forsaken Tower/Secret Rooms b2 Forsaken Tower/Secret Rooms b3
Forsaken Tower/Secret Rooms b4 Forsaken Tower/Secret Rooms b5 Azria
Volkane Dungeon Shaduwar Aminnus Dungeon
Cursed Aminnus Dungeon Vally of the Risen Catacombs of Anguish
Catacombs of Anguish Kaillun Ankou's Asylum
Traseia Bahara Desert Kalagas Cave
Kalagas Cave

NPC Maps

Maps showing the NPCs and spawned quests items locations.


Outside Flaris
Flarine North Central Flarine Eastern Flarine
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Saint Morning

Sain City Outside Sain City Ivillis Dungeon
Image:Darz nav.jpg

Garden of Rhisis

Garden of Rhisis


Darkon 1 Dekane Mine Darkon 2/Darken
Image:NPC Dekane Mine.jpg
Darkon 3 Volkane Dungeon





Bahara Desert

Bahara Desert
Image:NPC Bahara DesertNPC.jpg

Madrigal Security

Flarine Sain City Darkon 1 Darkon 2/Darken
image:Flaris guard nav.png image:SM Guard Nav.png image:Dar1 nav.jpg image:Dar Graud Nav.png
Darkon 3
image:Dar3 nav.jpg
Continent Content Color Reference:
World Flaris Coral Island Saint Morning Garden of Rhisis Darkon Azria
Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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