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Cardpuppet Pronounced card-pup-pit

Their cute bouncy curls and little maid dresses may make you want to pinch their cheeks, but getting any closer to these hotheaded maids may end in your demise. These mechanical ladies jerk and krump as they walk and can deliver a nasty critical attack if you don't protect yourself carefully. After messing with these monsters, you soon start wishing you could pull out the crank in their backs.

Locating Cardpuppet

Cardpuppets can be found east of the Table Land of Silence in Central Saint Morning island. They can be found on the East side of the path that leads South of town.

Cardpuppet Statistics

Name Lvl Hp Def M Def Str Sta Dex Int Atk Exp Class Ele
Maid Cardpuppet 41 8,950 56 49 15 20 95 81 341 ~ 359 809 Small Image:Wind.gif
Cardpuppet 41 8,950 56 49 15 20 95 81 341 ~ 359 845 Normal Image:Wind.gif
Manager Cardpuppet 42 9,135 57 50 15 20 97 82 345 ~ 363 905 Captain Image:Wind.gif
Boss Cardpuppet 45 144,760 70 54 15 20 03 88 693 ~ 729 5,885 Giant Image:Fire.gif

Fighting Style

Cardpuppet's Capabilities
Atk Spd: 1s Spells:
Atk Delay: 3s Poison No
Melee Attack - Distance: Yes Poison sting No
Ranged Attack - Distance: Yes Stun No
AOE Area of Attack - Distance: No Stun Group No
Rage: No Root No
Spawns lesser monsters: No Bleeding No
Fighting Distance: Normal Maintains Range Disenchant {{{Disenchant}}}
Recovers HP: No Earthquake {{{Earthquake}}}
Run Speed: normal Electric Shock {{{Electric Shock}}}
Runs Away Low HP: No Pulling {{{Pulling}}}
Silence {{{Silence}}}

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet
Weak Heart


New drop table coming soon
Clock Heart
Roll Bread Food item for recovering HP.
Sausage Casserole Food item for recovering HP.
Fruit Juice Food item for recovering HP.
Fifth Refresher Food item for recovering MP.
Sixth Refresher Food item for recovering MP.
VitalDrink 500 Food item for recovering FP.
Sunstone Enchanting item for General upgrading.
Vigor Ring Increases STR by +4.
Penya In game currency.
Also drops equipment such as Assist Armor, Mercenary Armor, Magician Armor, Acrobat Armor and Weapons.


A player, level 41 would need to kill 519 Cardpuppet to gain next level.

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