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Rock Muscle

Rock Muscle Pronounced rok-mus-sil

If you decide to take a stroll in the Fantasy Desert then beware and be armed. These large, husky monsters will not pass up a free beat down if they see the opportunity. They are completely made from hard rock, varying from dark gray or copper red. Hanging from each arm is one heavy massive boulder, balancing out the muscles that would put any body builder to shame.

Locating Rock Muscle

Rock Muscle
Rock Muscles are found in Southern Fantasy Desert, near the coast.

Rock Muscle Statistics

Name Lvl Hp Def M Def Str Sta Dex Int Atk Exp Class Ele
Small Rock Muscle 33 5,857 46 33 15 20 79 67 274 ~ 288 297 Small Image:Earth.gif
Rock Muscle 33 5,857 46 33 15 20 79 67 274 ~ 288 311 Normal Image:Fire.gif
Captain Rock Muscle 34 6,000 47 34 15 20 81 69 277 ~ 292 338 Captain Image:Earth.gif
Giant Rock Muscle 37 113,713 60 37 15 20 87 74 568 ~ 598 2,305 Giant Image:Fire.gif

Fighting Style

Rock Muscle's Capabilities
Atk Spd: 1s Spells:
Atk Delay: 3s Poison No
Melee Attack - Distance: Yes Poison sting No
Ranged Attack - Distance: Yes Stun Yes
AOE Area of Attack - Distance: No Stun Group No
Rage: No Root No
Spawns lesser monsters: No Bleeding No
Fighting Distance: Close Up Disenchant {{{Disenchant}}}
Recovers HP: No Earthquake {{{Earthquake}}}
Run Speed: normal Electric Shock {{{Electric Shock}}}
Runs Away Low HP: No Pulling {{{Pulling}}}
Silence {{{Silence}}}

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet
Repair Work on Saint Hall


New drop table coming soon
Crescent Stone Quest Item.
Milk Food item for recovering HP.
Banana Jujubar Food item for recovering HP.
Fish Soup Food item for recovering HP.
Fourth Refresher Food item for recovering MP.
VitalDrink 400 Food item for recovering FP.
Antidote Potion
Penya In game currency.
Also drops equipment such as Assist Armor, Mercenary Armor, Magician Armor, Acrobat Armor and Weapons.


A player, level 33 would need to kill 235 Rock Muscle to gain next level.

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