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Common Armor Sets


Image:Grantusset.gif Level Defense Grantus Set (Male) Grentio Set (Female) Image:Grentioset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
59 211~212 Image:frinh.gif Grantus Helmet Image:Fropnearh.gif Grentio Helmet
259~262 Image:frinb.gif Grantus Boots Image:Fropnearb.gif Grentio Boots
336~340 Image:fring.gif Grantus Gauntlet Image:Fropnearg.gif Grentio Gauntlet
518~522 Image:frins.gif Grantus Suit Image:Fropnears.gif Grentio Suit


Image:Geilerset.gif Level Defense Geiler Set (Male) Gesanan Set (Female) Image:Gesananset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
71 234~235 Image:oskah.gif Geiler Helmet Image:Okash.gif Gesanan Helmet
286~289 Image:oskab.gif Geiler Boots Image:Okasb.gif Gesanan Boots
373~375 Image:oskag.gif Geiler Gauntlet Image:Okasg.gif Gesanan Gauntlet
574~576 Image:oskas.gif Geiler Suit Image:Okass.gif Gesanan Suit


Image:Ruisilset.gif Level Defense Ruisil Set (Male) Luses Set (Female) Image:Lusesset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
83 249~250 Image:asrenh.gif Ruisil Helmet Image:Arenh.gif Luses Helmet
305~307 Image:asrenb.gif Ruisil Boots Image:Arenb.gif Luses Boots
397~399 Image:asreng.gif Ruisil Gauntlet Image:Areng.gif Luses Gauntlet
611~614 Image:asrens.gif Ruisil Suit Image:Arens.gif Luses Suit


Image:Mithrilset.gif Level Defense Mithril Set (Male) Rhenia Set (Female) Image:Rheniaset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
95 274~276 Image:Momoratih.gif Mithril Helmet Image:Lassithih.gif Rhenia Helmet
333~335 Image:Momoratib.gif Mithril Boots Image:Lassithib.gif Rhenia Boots
432~434 Image:Momoratig.gif Mithril Gauntlet Image:Lassithig.gif Rhenia Gauntlet
663~666 Image:Momoratis.gif Mithril Suit Image:Lassithis.gif Rhenia Suit


Image:Brantoset.gif Level Defense Branto Set (Male) Hania Set (Female) Image:Haniaset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
107 300~302 Image:tyrenth.gif Branto Helmet Image:Tighth.gif Hania Helmet
361~363 Image:tyrentb.gif Branto Boots Image:Tightb.gif Hania Boots
466~467 Image:tyrentg.gif Branto Gauntlet Image:Tightg.gif Hania Gauntlet
716~718 Image:tyrents.gif Branto Suit Image:Tights.gif Hania Suit

Rare Armor Sets

Ranger Armor


Image:Oskaset.gif Level Defense Oska Set (Male) Okas Set (Female) Image:Okasset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
75 221~223 Image:oskah.gif Oska Helmet Image:Okash.gif Okas Helmet
272~274 Image:oskab.gif Oska Boots Image:Okasb.gif Okas Boots
353~356 Image:oskag.gif Oska Gauntlet Image:Okasg.gif Okas Gauntlet
545~547 Image:oskas.gif Oska Suit Image:Okass.gif Okas Suit
1/4: No effect
2/4: DEF +21
3/4: DEF +50, Hit +15%
4/4: DEF +50, Hit +15%, Increased HP +15%


Image:Asrenset.gif Level Defense Asren Set (Male) Aren Set (Female) Image:Arenset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
90 249~250 Image:asrenh.gif Asren Helmet Image:Arenh.gif Aren Helmet
305~307 Image:asrenb.gif Asren Boots Image:Arenb.gif Aren Boots
397~399 Image:asreng.gif Asren Gauntlet Image:Areng.gif Aren Gauntlet
611~614 Image:asrens.gif Asren Suit Image:Arens.gif Aren Suit
1/4: No effect
2/4: DEF +21
3/4: DEF +50, STR +7
4/4: DEF +50, STR +7, Critical Chance +12%


Image:Ranerzset.gif Level Defense Ranerz Set (Male) Raze Set (Female) Image:Razeset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
105 286~288 Image:Ranerzh.png Ranerz Helmet Image:Razeh.png Raze Helmet
347~349 Image:Ranerzb.png Ranerz Boots Image:Razeb.png Raze Boots
449~450 Image:Ranerzg.png Ranerz Gauntlet Image:Razeg.png Raze Gauntlet
689~692 Image:Ranerzs.png Ranerz Suit Image:Razes.png Raze Suit
1/4: No effect
2/4: Increased DEF +10%
3/4: Increased DEF +10%, Ranged Block +10%, Melee Block +10%
4/4: Increased DEF +15%, Ranged Block +15%, Melee Block +15%, Increased HP +15%


Image:Tyrentset.gif Level Defense Tyrent Set (Male) Tight Set (Female) Image:Tightset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
105 286~288 Image:tyrenth.png Tyrent Helmet Image:Tighth.png Tight Helmet
347~349 Image:tyrentb.png Tyrent Boots Image:Tightb.png Tight Boots
449~450 Image:tyrentg.png Tyrent Gauntlet Image:Tightg.png Tight Gauntlet
689~692 Image:tyrents.png Tyrent Suit Image:Tights.png Tight Suit
1/4: No effect
2/4: DEF +20
3/4: DEF +48, Increased HP +15%
4/4: DEF +48, Increased HP +15%, Reflect Damage +10%


Image:(M) Acerset.gif Level Defense (M) Acer Set (Male) (F) Acer Set (Female) Image:(F) Acerset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
120 509~510 Image:AcerHelmM.png (M) Acer Helmet Image:AcerHelmF.png (F) Acer Helmet
397~399 Image:AcerBootsM.png (M) Acer Boots Image:AcerBootsF.gif (F) Acer Boots
509~510 Image:AcerGauntletsM.gif (M) Acer Gauntlet Image:AcerGauntletsF.gif (F) Acer Gauntlet
789~792 Image:AcerSuitM.gif (M) Acer Suit Image:AcerSuitF.gif (F) Acer Suit
1/4: No effect
2/4: No Effect
3/4: No Effect
4/4: DEX +10, Critical Chance +20%, Increased DEF +25%, Increased HP +15%

Hero Ranger Armor


Image:Hainureset.gif Level Defense Hainure Set (Male) Hanira Set (Female) Image:Haniraset.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
125 769-771 Image:HainureHelmM.png Hainure Helmet Image:Hanira_HelmetF.png Hanira Helmet
608-611 Image:HainureBootsM.png Hainure Boots Image:Hanira_BootsF.png Hanira Boots
769-772 Image:HainureGauntletsM.png Hainure Gauntlet Image:Hanira_GauntletF.png Hanira Gauntlet
1172-1177 Image:HainureSuitM.png Hainure Suit Image:Hanira_SuitF.png Hanira Suit
1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: DEX +20, Increase Bow Range +20%, Parry +20, Critical Chance +20%

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