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Fighting Style
When Dieing Do they run No
Ranged Attack Yes
AOE Area of Attack Yes
Spawns lesser monsters No

Clockworks Pronounced clok-works

Back in the historical passages of Madrigal exists a legend of heroism that has been told to every child and is known to every man. The story of Clockworks, a large, majestic, mechanical, spider-like machine, that has a restless soul of his very own. The tale tells of how he once reeked havoc across the world as he stomped, slashed, and roared. Clockworks is a reddish copper color and has a beautiful sun marking or tattoo laid across his visage (face). The largest Clockworks ever to be documented is the Lord Alpha Clockworks, which is more of a burnt orange, red-blood color. Clockworks is not an animal, but a machine made of metal. Clockworks has several legs, similar to a spider, and is very dangerous towering over the land like an ancient Dinosaur. It is said, Clockworks had been defeated and caged in Darkon. There had been a time in which Clockworks had escaped and rampaged around the cities of Madrigal for revenge, but alas he has been caught, and caged once again. You may, if you find the courage, enter the Clockworks' cage and defeat him in an earth shattering duel with your Guild Members. However...if you fail, you shall put yourself to shame.

Clockworks Attack

Stomp: Typical CW close range attack, if you spend most of the time under CW then this will perhaps be the only attack you see. It is a big area of effect. It's also the attack that can knockback you.

Cannon: Long range CW AoE attack. This tends to only fire when you run away from CW, and sometimes when you run to it. After targeting you and initiating this attack, you will get hit no matter how far away you get before the attack connects. Since it is an aoe anyone near you will also get hit.

Laser: This medium range attack has a small area of effect, however it does continuous damage in very big chunks. It can happily take 18k HP in 3 or 4 bite sized chunks if you don't pay attention. The laser will fire out from CW's head to a reasonable range then move inwards. People under CW are safe.

Sword: CW hits you with its sword. It appears to be AoE and do standard damage.


  • CW attacks can be blocked. CW attacks cannot miss.
  • Sneaker can be used on CW to stop it from moving if you are running away.
  • Satanology and Rooting will also work but aren't worth it due their low timers.
  • Holycross, Swordcross, Baraqijal Esna, Windfield, Electric Shock and Pain Dealer will work on CW.
  • Windfield does not help much, since it will reduce movement speed.
  • Stonehand (chance of stunning the monster), Ice Arrow and Ice Missle do not work anymore against CW.
  • Pulling also works on CW, it can be helpful during an invasion or just if you want to have some fun.


  • At higher levels very small teams can happily take down Clockworks with no real problems.
  • With angel weapons, a reasonably well equipped pair of blades, a Blade and a YJ or even a Blade and a BJ can take CW down when teamed with an RM. (Though the Blade and BJ combo might need Upcut Stones).
  • Well equipped bow Jesters can take down CW with a Knight for Pain Dealer + RM buffs, from about lvl 95.
  • A Blade can start doing CW with reasonable equips at 95+ with just an RM.
  • However a powerful (very) well equipped Yoyo Jester can do CW with an RM earliest, potentially starting at lvl 90 or even earlier.
  • A level 110 blade equipped and built correctly could take down CW without even an RM.

Locating Clockworks

He can be found in the depths of his dungeon, Clockworks Cage. Situated in Darkon 2 just south of Darken City. To enter his cage you must be in same Guild and party. Lead must have done the Great Clockwork War


Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet

Clockworks Statistics

Name lvl HP Def Mdef Exp Atk Ele
Clockworks 80 62,582,890 115 140 249,864,550 2,800~3,000 Image:NA.gif

Note: Atk stat comes from kFlyff and may differ from our version.


Quest Item:
Image:FruitParfait.gif Fruit Parfait Image:MeatSalad.gif Meat Salad Image:FruitSherbet.gif Fruit Sherbet Image:Vitaldrink500.jpg VitalDrink 500
Image:Fifthrefresher.jpg Fifth Refresher
Rorend Set pieces Rashadain Set pieces Forgiel Set pieces Shaentra Set pieces
Phasleb Set pieces Katria Set pieces
Image:Dretra.gif Dretra Sword Image:TaytraAxe.gif Taytra Axe Image:Yakadain.gif Yakadain Knuckle Image:Yakshadian.gif Yakshadain Stick
Image:Clraelwand.gif Clrael Wand Image:Shamrel.gif Shamerel Staff
Rukenshia Shield Catepo Shield Toeffin Shield
Vigor Ring Gore Necklace Plug Earring Stam Ring
Intelli Ring Mental Necklace Demol Earring Peision Necklace
Arek Ring Dexion Intiret Pep
Socecle Enduky Speedo Mighteer
Penzeru Strente
Upgrade Material:
Elemental Cards Suit Socket Cards (2%)~(4%) Weapon Socket Cards (D)~(B)
Sunstone Moonstone Lightning Stone
Flyff Pieces


In his honor a new Server was erected.

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