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Status Changes

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Here you will find Items and Skills that will effect your Status.

Skills That effect your Status
Skill Status Change Discription Cure
Image:.pngStun Stunned Target cannot move or attack none
Image:.pngPoison Poisoned Target is poisoned and will receive damage until effect wheres off. Antidote, Blessing of the Wise Man
Image:.pngRoot Immobilize Target is immobilized but may still attack if within range. [[]]
image:Magician_Ice_Missile.pngIce Missile
Image:Acrobat_Slow_Step.pngSlow Step
Image:Ranger_Ice_Arrow.pngIce Arrow
Slow Reduce Run Speed Targets running speed has been reduced. Escape
Image:.pngSilent Arrow Silent Target may not use magic skills or spells. [[]]
Image:.png[[]] Blind Target is blinded Accuracy is reduced. [[]]
Image:.png[[]] Bleeding Target is bleeding resulting in damage and health lose. Blessing of the Wise Man
Image:.png[[]] Debuff All All Targets Buffs are removed [[]]
Image:.png[[]] Sleeping Target is Asleep, it may not move or attack. Gvur Tialla
Image:.png[[]] Invisibility Target can not be seen. Attacking
Image:.png[[]] Steal HP Targets HP will decrease and the Attackers will rise. [[]]
image:Swordcross.png Swordcross 2X Damage Do double Damage for 0:03 secs None
Image:.png Curse Blessing of the Wise Man

Items That effect your Status
Item Status Change Discription Cure
image:Buff Breaker.pngBuff Breaker Debuff Remove one of your target's buffs none

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