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Alter of Confession

Mystic place, where divine energy flows abundantly. This is where you may atone for your player killing crimes on the PK server Lykan.

Alter of Confession Saint Morning Navigator
image:Alter of Confession sm1.jpg image:Alter of Confession sm map.jpg image:Alter of Confession sm nav.jpg

Altar of Saint Morning

Mystical place, where can be found, scattered pieces of stones. These stones are an important part of Madrigal History and are needed for the Cracked Continent portion of the Historian's Quests Prologue.

Altar of Saint Morning Saint Morning Navigator
image:Altar of Saint Morning1.jpg image:Altar of Saint Morning map.jpg image:Altar of Saint Morning nav.jpg

Alter of Violet

A mysterious and magic pattern cover the ground of this area, well guarded by Violet Magician Troupe Members and Masters who once we’re agents of Rhisis. According to (Chairman of History Society) Gothante and Hachal’s investigations, it seems the altar was built by this troupes for some kind of religious service, possibly related to the Clown-Goddess Shade, whom they’ve became loyal to.

Alter of Violet Saint Morning Navigator
image:Alter of Violet1.jpg image:Alter of Violet map.jpg image:Alter of Violet nav.jpg

Ancient Document Office

Also called Saint Morning’s Public Library, it can be found next to the Saint Hall, in front of the Arena of Ole. Here (Manager of Ancient Document) Rovanett Ganelis takes care of ancient documents regarding all Madrigal.

Ancient Document Office Saint Morning Navigator
image:Ancient Document Office1.jpg image:Public Library map.jpg image:Public Library nav.jpg

Arena of Ole

Called in ancient times the Place of Teaching, before Darkonians began appearing in Sain City. The old arena of Madrigal was where players reunited to test their abilities against each other. It used to be a meeting point between warriors. Nowadays it’s mostly empty, since people prefer the Pk Arena, but it’s importance never fades. When invasions on the city happen once in a while, the arena fills with young hero’s fighting to defend Sain City from high lvl monsters like Clockworks.

Arena of Ole Saint Morning Navigator
image:Arena of Ole1.jpg image:Arena of Ole map.jpg image:Arena of Ole nav.jpg

Collecting Area

Mysterious fields of glowing light have appeared in Madrigal. Pushing there way to the surface, small pieces of stone glitter in the sunshine, creating the blinding glow. With the help of a special tool you can mine in these area’s. Here you can gather pieces of items which can be combined into the actual items. Just buy a collector from (Collecting Manager) Collins and pray for good catches.

Collecting Area Saint Morning Navigator
image:Collecting Area SM1.jpg image:Collecting Area AM map.jpg image:Collecting Area SM nav.jpg

Equipment Merchants

Here gather the merchants for all your equipment needs. They can help you with Mercenary, Assist and Acrobat Armor (Shield) from lvl 15 to 33, Shields from lvl 20 to 52 (Shield2) and lvl 15 to 47 Weapons for Mercenary, Assist and Acrobat only. One of the merchants, (Shield2) Colack , has great interest in a rare metal that comes from meteorites.

Equipment Merchants Saint Morning Navigator
image:Equipment Merchants sm1.jpg image:Equipment Merchants sm map.jpg image:Equipment Merchants sm nav.jpg

Fantasy Desert

A desert that covers the south coast of Saint Morning, where several masquerpets roam freely under arches of stone. In this desert you can find the Ivillis Temple and also a large red glowing meteorite that as fallen just a few days ago.... or is it years already?

Fantasy Desert Saint Morning Navigator
image:Fantasy Desert1.jpg image:Fantasy Desert map.jpg image:Fantasy Desert nav.jpg

Food Shop

This cute shop, situated near the Equipment Merchants is run by Karin Sharafobhan. This nice lady has great concern for the health of Sain City inhabitants and travelers and like to make delicious food to help you in your combats.

Food Shop Saint Morning Navigator
image:Food Shop sm1.jpg image:Food Shop sm map.jpg image:Food Shop sm nav.jpg

Garden of Rhisis

As it’s name states this was once a land filled with green fields and beautiful gardens. The birth of the People of Madrigal started in this island. But after the war with Clockworks, many people died and the gardens were destroyed. Sadden and afraid, the Rhisians came to Saint Morning 1,000-some years ago, to rebuild their lives again. Behind they left their garden in ruins, overruled by masquerpets

Garden of Rhisis Garden of Rhisis Navigator
image:Garden of Rhisis21.jpg image:Garden of Rhisis map.jpg image:Garden of Rhisis nav.jpg

Hillid Mountains

These montains cover most of the west coast of Saint Morning. In between them, they hide a path leading to the Fantasy Desert. There are also rumors that a rare species of Mantis hides it’s treasure in this place, away from greedy people.

Hillid Mountains Saint Morning Navigator
image:Hillid Mountains1.jpg image:Hillid Mountains map.jpg image:Hillid Mountains nav.jpg

Hill of Shade

Called like that since rumors tell that Goddess Shade herself cursed this land. Why, no one knows, yet those who dare the most may see an alter, protected by the loyal clowns of the Goddess.

Hill of Shade Saint Morning Navigator
image:Hill of Shade1.jpg image:Hill of Shade map.jpg image:Hill of Shade nav.jpg

Historical Society

This institution was created to guard the most ancient records of Madrigal’s History. Yet it seems some thought it would be better for future generations not to know of the events that led to the abandonment of Garden of Rhisis and thus history was rewritten. Those who came close to the truth, like Hachal, were sent away from the Society. But all the lies seem fated to disappear, since Gothante Destratin, a defender of Truth, became the new Chairman of the Historical Society.

Historical Society Saint Morning Navigator
image:Historical Society1.jpg image:Historical Society map.jpg image:Historical Society nav.jpg

Ivillis Temple

Located in the main entrance of the Fantasy Desert, Ivillis Temple was built by the followers of Ivillis, one of the Five Gods of Lais. Now full with powerful monsters, similar to the ones roaming in Saint Morning, this dungeon is an attraction to the warriors who look for treasures. Yet the Mayor of Sain City has suspicions that a great evil arises inside the temple waiting to set free... an evil with the colors of the Clown-God Ivillis himself...

Ivillis Temple Saint Morning Navigator
image:Ivillis Temple1.jpg image:Ivillis Temple map.jpg image:Ivillis Temple nav.jpg

Little Theater of Pepoview

Little Theater of Pepoview is where the Pepoview actors rehearse the little plays.

Little Theater of Pepoview Saint Morning Navigator
image:Little Theater of Pepoview1.jpg image:Little Theater of Pepoview map.jpg image:Little Theater of Pepoview nav.jpg

Martin's Magic Shop

The Great Magician Martin opens his door to the everyday Mage offering equips weapons and Blinking devices.

Magic Shop Saint Morning Navigator
image:Martins Magic Shop1.jpg image:Martin's Magic Shop map.jpg image:NPCMartin2.jpg

Madrigal Job Training Center

Magician Instructors, here is where the aspiring Vagrant goes to become a Magician

Magician Instructors Saint Morning Navigator
image:Magician Instructors1.jpg image:Magician Instructors map.jpg image:NPCWingyei2.jpg

Port of Sain City

Humans have always look upon the sky as a mean to travel. And in a world full of magic like madrigal, soon the travels through the sky were possible, be it in individual broom or boards, or in large flying ships that carried community's from island to island. The Port was the cradle of Sain City, build by the Rhisians when they fled from the garden in the Great Crossing. Were is where the merchants gather their goods and export them to other cities, and receive their goods in return.

Port of Sain City Saint Morning Navigator
image:Port of SainCity1.jpg image:Port of SainCity map.jpg image:Port of SainCity nav.jpg

Public Office

Located in Saint Hall, the Public Office offers banking services, mail services, and buffing services up to lvl 30. Helena Obette is in charge of the place and will allow you to create a guild when you reach lvl 40 and have certain requirements she will ask of you.

Public Office Saint Morning Navigator
image:Public Office sm1.jpg image:Public Office sm map.jpg image:Public Office sm nav.jpg

Pumpkin Town

First know as Shadia, due to the closeness to Hill of Shade, this small town was built by natives from Sain City, who didn’t liked the wave of fighters that had come into town. So they left Sain City in look for a new place where to live a peaceful life. Certainly the soil of that new lad must have look good for farming and harvests, and they built their new town there. Yet, as soon has the first Festival of town was held, and the moon shone on the land, it’s inhabitants turned into pumpkin monsters, haunting the unfinished town forever...

Pumpkin Town Saint Morning Navigator
image:Pumpkin Town1.jpg image:Pumpkin Town map.jpg image:Pumpkin Town nav.jpg

PvP Arena

Area for "Free-For-All" combat. No pk disposition is gained here.

PvP Arena SM.jpg PvP Arena PvP Arena Navigator
[[image:{{{image_entrance}}}]] image:PvP Arena.jpg image:PvP Arena SainCity.jpg

Quest Office

Lancomi offers Quests posted by the citizens of Saint Morning. You must be level 27 or higher to start Quests. You can find her in Sain City main square on small house near the Mayor.

Quest Office Saint Morning Navigator
image:Quest Office sm1.jpg image:Quest Office sm map .jpg image:Quest Office sm nav.jpg

Sain City

Founded by Priest Alastaire Morning. Sain City it’s where history and knowledge is taught, in high library’s and societies. Also, it is where new fighters prepare their long journey to glory. It’s beautiful and well built buildings are proof of a successful prosperity of it’s inhabitants after the tragedy in Garden of Rhisis. Al tough the houses are built with topical materials like wood and clay, one can see that the city is quite modern, with it’s brick roads and huge stairways to the port.

Sain City Saint Morning Navigator
image:SainCity1.jpg image:SainCity map.jpg image:SainCity nav.jpg

Saint Hall

This huge cathedral-like building is one of the wonders in the city. It is unique for it’s towers and stained glass-windows. This is where the Public Office is located, and also probably, the resting place of Priest Alastaire Morning.

Saint Hall Saint Morning Navigator
image:Saint Hall1.jpg image:Saint Hall map.jpg image:Saint Hall nav.jpg

Saint Tree

Over the roofs of Sain City, this amazing tree rises towards the heavens, higher than the flying boats. It’s huge roots have certainly offer shelter to travelers and one can still find in them a mysterious box, that in long forgotten times liked to play paper-rock-scissors with those who weren’t afraid to gamble. It’s also the house of Seido, a Hopre-like monster whom future magicians need to kill.

Saint Tree Saint Morning Navigator
image:Saint Tree1.jpg image:Saint Tree map.jpg image:Saint Tree nav.jpg

Tableland of Silence

The highest mountain of Saint Morning, so high that no one can fly up there. This area suffers form gravity disorder, and those who dare to fly too near may have a pretty nasty fall form their broom. To those curious enough to climb it, this might prove to be worthless since there is really nothing up there except for two large tree’s like the one near the city, and scorpicon-like monster named Shacalpion, whom future blades need to kill. Yet if one is in need of silence, this is the perfect place.

Tableland of Silence Saint Morning Navigator
image:Tableland of Silence1.jpg image:Tableland of Silence map.jpg image:Tableland of Silence nav.jpg

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