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Ivillis Leanes Temple

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Ivillis Leanes Temple

Ivillis Leanes Temple
Ivillis Leanes Temple

Whispering in his ear, Shade talks to him. She tells him to avenge her. “Punish the interlopers of the Hill of Shade”. Smiling he looks down upon them. Insignificant humans, relishing in the fruits of this sacred land. Dancing and laughing in ecstasy of the harvest. They had been warned not to settle here. The natives tried to tell them of the curse. What shall he do to please his master? Suddenly it comes to him, pumpkins; he shall turn them all into pumpkins. And they shall guard the hill from others. Bubble, seeing all of this, whispers in his other ear; “You, how dare you hurt mankind. I shall mark you and all shall know you for your treachery”. He looks down into the river that passes by the town and he sees that he no longer sports the bright costume of his peers. He now bears the colors of the accused. Striped in black and white he flees. But where to go? He runs south, away from humans and stumbles upon a fitting site. Before him a skull marking the entrance to a dungeon. He hastens his pace, down, down into the bowels of Saint Mornings. Infecting all in his path with his evilness. Deep, deep below the surface he finds a refuge. In a small chamber he finds himself and Shade tells him all is well. Here no one will bother him. And upon his door she places a lock. She takes the keystone, brakes it in three and spreads the pieces throughout the dungeon.

The dark and sinister halls of Ivillis Dungeon are overrun with masquerpets tainted with the evilness of Leanes. The winding passages, littered with bones, will test your sense of direction. The monsters within will hinder your progress through the dungeon, but if you find the pieces of the keystone you will discover the entombed enemy. His prison guard Darz will let you in if you meet all the requirements. Come avenge the souls of Shadia.

Ivillis Leanes Temple is accessible from the Saint Morning continent.

Dungeon Particularities

Some Masquerpets are aggravated. This is an Instance Dungeon so only Party and or Guild members will be present.
Entrance Fee
Talk to Darz, he will teleport you and your party to Leanes chamber. To enter Party Leader must have in pack:
  • Note: Elementing suits and weapons is efficient. The giant is immune to all spells. So its Clobberin' time. Hint kill Leanes first for he will respawn Dandyshers if you kill them first.
Unique Items Present

Ivillis Leanes Temple does not contain item uniquely found here.

Quests Available


Quest Items Found Here
Certain rules apply:

  • All Party members must be between level 70 and 75.
  • This is a Timed hunt.If you don't kill it in time, you all get Teleported back out.

Monsters Present

This dungeon is for level 70 Masquerpets.
This is a party dungeon so masquerpets hit hard and have a lot of hp. There are no special rewards for this dungeon.

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