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Fighting Style
When Dieing Do they run ?
Ranged Attack ?
AOE Area of Attack ?
Spawns lesser monsters ?

Wheelem Pronounced weel-um

Just because these monsters are made of wood doesn't mean they are easy to tear apart. Wheelems cycle around on a single wheel and have an advantage to catching up to you. They have steel clamps for hands and are more then willing to give them a try.

Locating Wheelem

The best place to find Wheelems is on a peninsula on the East coast of the Garden of Rhisis. Which is an island off the northern coast of Saint Morning.


Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet

Wheelem Statistics

Name lvl HP Def Mdef Exp Atk Ele
Rough Wheelem 49 8,899 58 65 1,995 402~424 Image:Earth.gif
Wheelem 49 8,899 58 65 2,086 402~424 Image:Earth.gif
Bouncing Wheelem 50 9,059 60 66 2,234 406~428 Image:Earth.gif
Giant Wheelem 53 168,432 63 80 14,540 807~849 Image:Electric.gif

Note: Atk stat comes from kFlyff and may differ from our version.


Golden Cup
Sausage Casserole Food item for recovering HP.
Hot Dog Food item for recovering HP.
Fruit Icewater Food item for recovering HP.
Fifth Refresher Food item for recovering MP.
Sixth Refresher Food item for recovering MP.
VitalDrink 500 Food item for recovering FP.
VitalDrink 600 Food item for recovering FP.
Moonstone Item used for General piercing.
Penya In game currency.
Also drops equipment such as Assist Armor, Mercenary Armor, Magician Armor, Acrobat Armor and Weapons.



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