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Editors Help Desk


Who is on the team

Wiki GM

Wiki Mod

Active Editors

Occasional Editors

What do Editors do?

  • Create pages of information, Guides, and FAQ.
  • Edit grammar, spelling, and other minor things within the pages.
  • Add content to pages about Weapons, Armor, Equips, Game information and Classes.
  • Remove incorrect content or tagging the information as old for curiosity purposes of new players.
  • Fix and correct incorrect or missing information in any Section of the Wiki.
  • Work as a Team, a community, with other editors and provide constructive criticism to articles in order to help make the Wiki as accurate and user friendly as possible.
  • Work as a small team within the sections of the Wiki you choose and help each other, edit with each other to update the most information they can in that section to be as updated with the Version of the Game.
  • Volunteer any amount of time to the Wiki. We do not require a certain amount of hours, just do your best with what time you can
  • Have fun while you work!!
  • Will Always be praised and your ideas or other things you want will always be considered or offered 110%. It's about what you want, and what you want to do on the Wiki, just tell us!!


Don't forget your summary's please.

Content, We strive to have the best content. Things are always in flux so verifying our information often is necessary. If there is a discrepancy between your information and what we have already please go in game to verify.
Names you will often find spelling mistakes especially in the naming of items. We use the in game spelling even if it is wrong.
Spelling Mistakes that make it so that the information you are defining is wrong then make a note that there is an in game spelling error, give the true meaning of the quote, and report it to me so I may inform the GM's.
Wrong Quote, this can happen when the text is updated in game but we are not informed. Update quote to what is said in game.

Editing Basic's

Here we will try to explain the basic's in Wiki editing


Before creating or editing a page use the search function to assure that the content does not exist elsewhere on site.

How to create a page

To make a new page go to the page you want its link to appear on and click edit. Find the section you want it to appear in then input this character [ twice, name of page here, then ] twice, save page. Now where you put name of page, name of page here should be in red, this means that no page exists. Click on the link you created and a new page will open. You nay now start your page.

New pages for New Editor

When making a new page or a large change to an existing page, it would be preferred if you where to make a test page linking from your user page. This way you can work on it with less attention from the public. When complete send leader a PM on forum on MSN so that the layout and contents may be verified. If all is good you will then proceed to publish your content for wiki viewing.
Do not forget to up the {{User Project | JoeSmith}} template at the top of your page so anyone falling upon your page knows that it is still a work in progress. As your skill develops this step will be removed and you will be allowed to publish straight to wiki page.


Redirecting or moving, a page is not to be taken lightly. You should probably inform your leader and let them do it. Do not do this unless you have leaders permission. When pages are moved ALL links must be redirected manually and the Redirect page tagged for deletion. We do not keep redirect pages for they tend to get messy.

Steps to Redirecting/Moving a page

  • 1) Select the move tab in menu on page top.
  • 2) It will ask you to confirm. Verify your spelling then select yes.
  • 3) You will find yourself on your new page.

But wait now you need to clean up your tracks. The wiki automatically made a redirect for you when you made your new page. These redirects need to be tagged for deletion {{Delete}}. This is done to keep our wiki clean. Redirects are messy.

  • 4) Now at the top left of new page you should see the link to the redirect page go to it.
  • 5) On the left side in the menu select "What links here".

All link found here must be manually redirected to your new page.

  • 6) To do so select link and go to its page. "Open in new window".
  • 7) Now on this page find the link to the old page you moved/renamed.
  • 8) Change to new page name.
  • 9) Repeat process for all links.


Editing another person's work is fine. We are a team and do not claim ownership. Do leave a note, though, about what you remade.
Most content creation or updating is discussed. When you want to take on something post it on the Editors Corner page. If no one contests within a week then go ahead. Same thing if you have questions you can ask them on the Editors Corner page.


Templates are our friends. They permit us to recreate a page format repeatedly. Most of the content present on the wiki that shows up in a table is actually a template. Those that are not will eventually be. For more on templates please look here

How to edit a page


The Editing Toolbar

This is your Best Friend.
Image:button_bold.png Bold Text
Image:button_italic.png Italicized Text
Image:button_link.png Internal Link Linking to a page in the Wiki
Image:button_extlink.png External Link Linking to a page outside of the Wiki
Image:button_headline.png Level 2 Headline Auto-Header
Image:button_image.png Embedded image Using an image uploaded on the Wiki
Image:button_media.png Media File Link Get to this later
Image:button_math.png Mathematical Formula Get to this later
Image:button_nowiki.png Ignore Wiki Code Ignores the Wiki code you have selected or highlighted and shows it as normal text as shown in it's preview
Image:button_sig.png Signature Of no use to us
Image:button_hr.png Break Inserts a horizontal line across the page; used as a separator without depending on Headers


Tables are a large part of the wiki. They permit you to line up your content quickly and easily. Tables

Here is some code i discovered Code for making table borders colored

atribute of style width peramiters border size and color background color close style
style=" width:160px; border:3px solid #9acd32; background-color:#9400D3; "

this is what page view would look like

doodle k
doodle k

Making Content


Link to tools here you will find some images that might help you in the creation of content. Templates, clean maps, and other things that can be used to stay in the same theme that has been established om the wiki.

Headers and Headlines

For a top-level heading, put it on a separate line surrounded by '=='. For example:
== Introduction ==
Subheadings use '===', '====', and so on.

Using Links

Adding links to other pages is quite simple. There are 2 types we use.

In-Wiki linking

In-Wiki means that the place we are linking to is here on the wiki. It is done by adding [[what you wish to link to ]]
Note if you wish a different term to appear instead of the link itself just add |(name here). Example [what you wish to link to| '''name here''' ]]on the page it would look like this example as opposed to this [[what you wish to link to ]] on the page it would look like this Main_Page both go to the same place but carry a different name.
You may also link to a specific place in a page if it contains a table of content. This is done by going to the page you want to reference and selecting its spot in the table of contents. Now this example is from a very long page so if I want to save my reader a little time and send him/her right to the spot he/she is looking for I would make my link like this.[[Choosing_the_right_class#Magician|Magician]] I want to send my reader to the "Magician" section of the page "Choosing the right Class" and I want Magician to appear as name for the link. See here Magician

Out-Wiki linking

Out-Wiki means that the place we are linking to is somewhere on the Net. It is done by adding full address of what you wish to link to Example or like this to change name [full address of what you wish to link to '''"space"''' name that appears on link] Example [ Flyff] Flyff

Linking to Categories

Linking to categories instead of to one object is some times necessary the linking works in the same manner as in-wiki except we add a : then the catagory link. If we do not add the : first it will simply ad our page to the said category. So if I am speaking in general about skills and I would like to link to a page where they are all present I would need to link to their category because it is the only page which contains all of the skills. The link would look like this

[[:Category:Skills|All Skills]] All Skills

Link Colors

Ever get bored of the standard wiki link color being blue all the time? then you can change the wiki link color much in the same way as changing the text that appears in the link.

[[Template:Weapons ultimate|<font color="purple">Template:Weapons ultimate</font>]]

Basically insert whatever font color using the font color code <font color="purple"> </font color> around the alternate text for the link. As shown in the above example. The resulting link will have purple text as shown below:

Template:Weapons ultimate

Uploading Pictures

Here is a littleTutorial to help with uploading images

All NPCs including masquerpets have their own navigators please use these do not upload new ones.

All humanoid NPCs images can be found here.

Using Pictures

Galleries may be created to show your images it will not re-size the image though so make sure you images don't exceed the page width.

<gallery widths=160px heights=160px perrow=4 caption="Masquerpets"> </gallery>

In-Wiki Pictures

Out-Wiki Pictures

Extra Wiki coding

Here is some extra information on editing,Wiki markup
 : will tab your work
add ''' bold ''' bold
add ''italic '' italic
add '''''both''''' both
<big> text </big> will type in big letters big
you may add ''' bold ''' and ''italic '' or '''''both''''' big big big
<small> text </small> will type in small letters small
you may add ''' bold ''' and ''italic '' or '''''both''''' small small small
<nowiki>[[text]] </nowiki> will ignore wiki code

Minor and Major editing

A MINOR edit is small grammar and spelling edit, sentence fixes or additions, and/or erasing incorrect information. *Also: Most of the things people post on the gpotato forum for us to fix or change and add count as minor edits, therefore any of the editors may fix and add what the players point out.*
A MAJOR edit is changing more then 10 sentences in a paragraph on a page that belongs in a section you are not teamed with, moving content sections within pages, moving, adding or deleting photos in pages and making new pages in a section that you are not teamed with.
After you edit your page make sure to put in the "summary" field a short description of what you changed.
Put: "MINOR: Summary of your edit here."
"MAJOR: Summary of your edit here."
"PHOTO: Summary of your edit here."

Tagging pages

There are a lot of Editors and Mods who have been working for a long time on pages. The more you work on something, the more attached you become. SO please! Be careful of what you edit!
Make sure that when you find a page you enjoy working on, and see you have much to offer and don't want others touching it name it yours! Putting the <!--Put Comment Here--> Tag in the very top of the content will show when another editor presses "edit" to change the page. Remember to put your name in the tag. This tag will not show on the view, and will only be seen in the editor. Also you may add this template {{User Project | JoeSmith}}so viewers know that the page is being actively worked on. Don't forget to replace JoeSmith with your user name.
If you Tag a page of content make sure you will dedicate yourself to that page since no one else will be touching it! If you are going to tag it and do not update it within two weeks, in which updates and edits have been offered on the Flyff Forum, it will be up for grabs.
When you finish a page tell me or another Moderator, and put a {{Completed Version | 1?}} Tag so people know its been fixed and read and is done (for the time being).
Also, if you would like to continue working on the work but will not be around for a long time you *may* decide to put <!--Last edited by *name here*, Hiatus as of *date here*--> So people know not to completely turn your hard work into something else or carnage, and just do minor edits.

Wiki Sections

Make sure you only add valid information. Again, there is NO "ownership".


Here you will find all information pertaining to Quests available in Flyff


In World you can find things like Monsters, Maps, NPC's and FlyFF history.


Character will give you information on classes, skills, equipment, customizing items, and accessories.

Game Play

In Gameplay we treat things like Combat, PvP, PvP Arena, PK, Guild Siege, Guild Survival, Guild Raid, Clockworks War and Traveling.

Cash Shop

If these thing interest you Gpotato, Pre-Paid Cards, and things available in the Cash Shop then this should be your section.

Guide Portal

This is the place to be for those hard to find guides. If it needs a guide we probalby have it and if we don't you can make your own.

Wiki Forum

Editing requests


Skype Group

Additional Resources

For more in-depth information, see the Mediawiki User's Guide.

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