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In the land of Madrigal, there are many options for your character.

The characters that you create will become your own personal avatars.

You'll be able to choose their name (be warned that the character name may already be taken by another player) and customize their appearances.


Make your choice..


Once you create your character, you start out on your adventure as a Vagrant. Once you reach level 15, you will then progress onto your first job, and after that (at level 60) you will undertake your second job change to acquire a more advanced version of your first job choice.

Starting the game as a Vagrant allows you get a good grasp of how the game is played. When you reach level 15 as a Vagrant, you may choose from the following first job classes:


Your character can get stronger, faster, smarter and more agile with 4 different Stats.

How you arrange your stats is known as your character's "build". Depending on your job class, you will have to find the one that suits you best.

Examples :

  • Assists use INT and STA to cast their buffs if they are support. Assist also uses STR and DEX if they are Battle.
  • Acrobats use DEX and STA to speed up their attacks and strengthen them if they will use bows. Acrobats that will use Yoyo's need STR to deliver more damage to a monster.
  • Mages use INT to cast their spells and they also tend to use STA for more HP and Defense to survive more.
  • Mercenaries use STR to place power in their strikes.


The job you choose will dictate the equipment that you can use. Certain armour sets and weapons will give you special bonuses, so choose the equipment that will benefit your character the most.

Equipment will be dropped from monsters or can be bought from other players. Monsters can drop equipment known as "blues", that are available for purchase from an NPC, or they can drop rare and valuable equipment known as "greens".

In general, most equipment is sold by in-game NPCs such as : (Shield) Boboko, (Weapons) Boboku and (Shield2) Luda.

Another method of obtaining equipment is via personal player shops. Simplified: purchasing equipment from other players who have gained them through monster drops or by buying them.

"Green" sets and weapons are not available for purchase at NPC shops.


In FlyFF, you will be able to customize your character how you wish. For a certain amount of penya (in-game currency), there will be several options available that will allow you to make your character as individual as you wish it to be.


A popular option is to dress up your character so that it will stand out. These clothes are available at the Cash Shop or in player shops. You can either get full sets, or you can mix and match for your desired appearance.

An example of characters wearing Cash Shop clothes:

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