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Welcome to FlyFF, you will find several guides up and ready just for you.


Let's start with some basics..

New Player Guide

You are new to the game correct?

In here there will be mostly everything you'll need to know about starting off fresh with a brand new character.

Choosing the right class

Having difficulty choosing what you desire to be?

In here you'll receive brief and detailed information about certain class groups.


Surely you know how to level, if not everyone starts off somewhere. This guide will be sure to show you the way!


Ever get confused when you see other players running around in capes? As well as those pesky announcements that appear on your screen when you're trying to take a decent screen shot? This is sure to answer those questions.


No, not a cha-cha party. A party is a group of fighters that go into battle together for more experience points. Ever see those long logs asking for fillers? This is the place for you.


Everyone have one except for you? Find out how to get one for yourself!


Those glows sure are blinding aren't they.. How is it done however? Click to find out.


What are these stones for? Do I sell them or keep them? This is sure to answer.

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