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Quests are available throughout the game in many different areas.
Image:Red exclamation.jpginfo coming soon
Image:Yellow exclamation.jpgWhen an NPC has a yellow exclamation point on his head. He has a quest for you
Image:Green exclamation.jpginfo coming soon
Image:Gray question mark.jpgWhen an NPC has a gray question mark on his head. He is waiting for you to finish the quest.
Image:Yellow question mark.jpgWhen an NPC has a yellow question mark on his head. You are ready to hand in quest to him.
Image:Red question mark.jpginfo coming soon
Image:Green question mark.jpginfo coming soon

Office Quests are given by the (Quest Office) NPC in each major city and require collecting quest items from monsters or items found in specific locations.
General Quests are given by any other NPC in Madrigal and involve sub-stories where objectives are completed for rewards. General Quests come in two forms, Single and Chain.
A Single as the word says has only one part.
A Chain has many parts, all must be done in order. Often items from a previous stage will be required to continue quest. So keep in mind that you might need the item you received from a quest stage. Don't throw it away if you aren't sure if you can or cannot use it later on. A quest has a giver NPC and a receiver NPC. In general, the receiver will be the giver of the next stage. Thus having a chain effect.
Character Advancement Quests are used to progress you onto the next stage of your character development. These are in Chain Quests form and must be done in order and completed. Your character will not advance (no exp)until the quest is done.

Finding a Quest

Many of the non-playable characters scattered throughout Madrigal have some sort of quest available for your character to complete. Your character may have to be within a specific level range to participate in a quest, but there are a few that don't matter. If an NPCs has a quest for you, they will have a Image:Yellow exclamation.jpg,Image:Red exclamation.jpg or Image:Green exclamation.jpg hovering above them.

Accepting a Quest

Talk to the NPC who has the hovering Image:Yellow exclamation.jpg,Image:Red exclamation.jpg or Image:Green exclamation.jpg above his head. He/She will give you the quest as soon as you read the story he/she tells you and if you accept it. Once you accepted a quest, His/her icon will change to Image:Gray question mark.jpgand you can check your Quest Log (press Q) and you'll see what you need to do.

Declining a Quest

Once you spoken to the NPC who has the hovering Image:Yellow exclamation.jpg,Image:Red exclamation.jpg or Image:Green exclamation.jpg above his/her head, you get the option Yes/No. You can either accept the quest, or in this case, decline the quest. If you say no, the conversation has ended and you will not get the quest. If you accepted the quest and you do not want to continue with it, you can also go to your Quest Log, find the quest and click on it. Then you can click on Remove the quest and it's gone. A declined or canceled Quest may be taken at a later date as long as you still meet the requirements.

New v15 Quest interface

Introduced in the v15 update is the new Quest Interface. This new Interface is full of nice features. Press "Q" to open. In Main Window we find new tabs to select the quests by type and by progress. Once we receive a quest if we select a quest by checking the box the goal window will open. Here we find, in list form, what we need to do. This window will go opaque only when you pass over with mouse and can be moved on the screen. If you click on title it will open the objective window which has more details. If you click on one of the tasks it will show you, on map, where to search.

1 Here you can select quests by type.
2 Here you can select quests by progress
3 If you select quest then click here the quest will be removed.
4 If you check box in front of quest in quest window the Goal Window will open.
5 If you select the title of a quest in quest window or in Goal window the Quests Details window will open.
6 If you select a task in Goal window the map will open and the location to look in will appear on map.
Image:Quest interface.png

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