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The world that FlyFF stands is in a virtual plain known as Madrigal. A fantasy world that consists of monsters, world chaos, and a Goddess that seeks to destroy it along with all it's inhabitants.

Each individual player creates their own personal storyline the moment they step foot in this world. This means that you, the player chooses how you want to play the game, be it hero or villain.


So it begins..


Similar to most MMORPG, FlyFF offers several different ways to make the game more convenient and enjoyable.


Let's start with the basics. To move around firsthand, you either use a mouse, or a keyboard. While using the mouse, you click anywhere on your screen which will open up a glowing area on the ground, this to show you where you are heading and as such, your character will run, or walk to it.

While using a keyboard, you use the W, A, S, and D keys. By obvious terms..

  • The W key moves you forward.
  • The S key moves you backwards.
  • The A key turns you to the left.
  • The D key turns you to the right.

Camera Rotation

Camera rotation is done by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Depending on what you prefer, you can view your character all around with this. Other wise, you hold down the right button on your mouse and drag around the screen.


Everybody loves taking screenshots, especially in order to remember those special moments you have in the game. By simply clicking the Print Screen button on your keyboard, you are able to open a folder within your computer where all your screenshots will be placed. The default folder for the screenshot is C:Program Files/Webzen/Flyff/Capture.

You'll know that you did this correctly by a message informing you that you have taken a screen in your Capture folder once you click the zero.

Happy FlyFFing!

Overall, now that you know the basics, enjoy the game and meet new friends! To learn more about FlyFF, be sure to visit the rest of the Wikipedia and we hope you enjoy your stay here with us.

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