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Class Weapons

Getting Weapons

There are several places to get weapons, including:

  • NPCs sell certain weapons. However, they stop selling weapons at a certain level.
  • Item Drops are fairly common in the game. Items that drop have possibility of having added stats.
  • Other Players can sell items they have received. These can be in shops, trades, and so on.

Equipping Weapons

In order to use a weapon, it is required that they be equiped. In order to equip a weapon, click the I, from the Hot Key list, on your keyboard. This will open up the inventory window.

There are a couple things to remember before attempting to use a weapon.

Make sure there is no red lines in the information window.

If there is a red line, that means that weapon is incapable of use by you.

Several reasons for this could be:

  • Wrong class
  • Wrong level

If this tends to be the problem, you can either sell, trade, or NPC the item and get one that fits all the requirements.

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