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Hair Designer
Hair Designer
Image:NPCHair Designer2.jpg
Continent: Flaris

Area: Northern Flarine.

No Quests Available

The Hair Designer will cut and dye your hair anyway that you wish to customize it for the fee of 2,000,000 Penya for Hair cut and 4,000,000 Penya for Hair dye.

Not much is known about the Hair Designer, other than he has a rather quiet nature. No one even knows where he came from. He simply dropped into town one day shortly after the former designer Iske left. Alongside him was his companion the Makeup Artist who is equally silent.
Despite his solitude-like nature, his talents are well known throughout Madrigal for being able to undo the messiest of tangles and knots in hair and make one look like a sparkling diva. This is what makes him famous, his unique knack for uncanny sloppiness. Though it goes without saying that his partner also aids him when the hair doesn't quite match with the eyes of choice.


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Hair Design To choose a style, click on the small arrow boxes, in the upper portion it will show you your style upon entering the shop, and a preview of the style you have selected. Scroll though the options to find the style that you like best. You may also change the color of the style by using the red, green and blue sliders in the bottom left corner of the window.

Once you are happy with your selected style, click OK, you will then have a confirmation box pop up with the final cost asking you if you are sure you want to go ahead with it. Clicking yes will change your style. Assuming of course you have the money.

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