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Please note that in order to obtain this quest your character must be at level 120. But to hand it in you must be level 120 with 99.99% exp.

Master level Badge
60-69 image:Master60.gif
70-79 image:Master70.gif
80-89 image:Master80.gif
90-99 image:Master90.gif
100-109 image:Master100.gif
110-120 image:Master110.gif

When you have completed the quest, the following things will happen to your character:
  • Your character will be reduced to level 60.
  • A Master Badge will be displayed next to your character's name:
  • Your character's stat points will be reduced to level 60-(118).
  • Your character's skill points will be sufficient to max all skills.
  • Your character will be able to wear all armor (specific to your job) up to level 120.
  • Your character will be able to use shields up to level 120 and all weapons (specific to your job) with the exception of the new Ultimate Ancient weapons which require level 120M.
As you level again to 120:
  • Your Character will receive half the experience points from each mob the second time around
  • For every level you gain as a Master your character will gain 2 normal stat points plus 1 additional stat point. Total 3 per level
  • A Master Badge will change as you level:
  • Your character will gain the Master skill for their class. The skill will level as follows:

Special Mastery Skill
Class Skill lvl 60-M lvl 72-M lvl 84-M lvl 96-M lvl 108-M
Jester Image:Jester Special Yo-Yo Mastery.png Yo-yo ATK +14 Yo-yo ATK +28 Yo-yo ATK +42 Yo-yo ATK +56 Yo-yo ATK +70
Ranger Image:Ranger Special Bow Mastery.png Bow ATK +14 Bow ATK +28 Bow ATK +42 Bow ATK +56 Bow ATK +70
Billposter Image:Billposter Special Knuckle Mastery.png Knuckle ATK +36 Knuckle ATK +72 Knuckle ATK +108 Knuckle ATK +144 Knuckle ATK +180
Ringmaster image:Ringmaster_Blessing_of_the_Wise_Man.png cooldown time 10 sec cooldown time 8 sec cooldown time 6 sec cooldown time 2 sec cooldown time 0.5 sec
Psykeeper Image:Psykeeper Psykeeper Special INT Mastery.png INT +3 INT +6 INT +9 INT +12 INT +15
Elementor Image:Elementor Elementor Special INT Mastery.png INT +3 INT +6 INT +9 INT +12 INT +15
Blade Image:Blade Special One-handed Mastery.png 1H weapon ATK +30 1H weapon ATK +60 1H weapon ATK +90 1H weapon ATK +120 1H weapon ATK +150
Knight Image:Knight Special Two-handed Mastery.png 2H weapon ATK +30 2H weapon ATK +60 2H weapon ATK +90 2H weapon ATK +120 2H weapon ATK +150

To find the Mysterious Robed Girl follow the path north northwest when you enter the dungeon. At the end of that path you can go either right or left, turn right. Advance maybe 20 yards and to the left you will see a bridge crossing the lava. Cross the bridge. Look to the left and there is a path that circles the mountain (Volcano). Follow this path (it circles to the right and goes all the way up to the top). If you are afraid of the agros stock up on some trans. It took me 1 4 minute trans to get to her. Don't forget to bring blinkwings for the voyage out at level 60 will not be amusing.

New v15 Quest interface

Starting NPC

Mysterious Robed Girl Location
Mysterious Robed Girl Image:NPCMysterious Robed Girl2.jpg

Journey to becoming a Master

Quest Starting Location: Volkane Dungeon
Quest : Journey to becoming a Master
NPC : Mysterious Robed Girl
Quest Requirement : To aquire lvl 120. To complete lvl 120 with 99.99% exp.
Objective : collect 5 Popshifts from Popcranks and 10 Rincruets from Chef Muffrins, Return to Mysterious Robed Girl.

Chef Muffrin
Click for larger image
Click for larger image

Reward: Master Status and new Master Skill

Quest Text:

"You have become very strong. Do you want to become a master of your class? You will return to level 60 but as your levels grow you will become even more powerful! Bring me 10 Rincruets and 5 Popshifts. You will become far more powerful if you complete this task. Do you trust me?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Rincruet are dropped by Muffrin and Popshifts are dropped by Popcranks. Go now, brave one, and return to me as a Master."

Denying Quest Text:

"I see so much potential in you. Are you really giving up?"

During Quest Text:

"You will need to bring me the items I asked you for in order to become a Master of your class. Return to me when you have done this."

Completed Quest Text:

"I knew you could do it! You are brave, wise, and strong. You're well on your way to becoming a Hero. Go forth, Master!"

Next Stage in Quest

  • Quest Complete

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