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Once you've become a level 120 Master you can seek further advancement and start the Hero Quest.
The Hero Quest is an extremely challenging quest that requires users to contribute some very rare items to the Mysterious Robed Girl, in exchange for advancement.

New v15 Quest interface

Starting NPC

Mysterious Robed Girl Location
Mysterious Robed Girl Image:NPCMysterious Robed Girl2.jpg

New Hero

Quest Starting Location: Volkane Dungeon
Quest : New Hero
NPC : Mysterious Robed Girl
Quest Requirement : To acquire level 120-M. To complete level 120-M with 99.99% exp.
Objective : Collect 5 Dragon Hearts, 10 Dragon Teeth and 10 Mysterious Eyes and Return to Mysterious Robed Girl.

Dragon Heart 5x
Dragon Teeth 10x
Mysterious Eye 10x
Cyclops X


  • Your character will gain an additional 15 stat points.
  • Your character will gain the Hero Skill for their class.
  • Your displayed level will be replaced with a Hero Badge.

Quest Text:

"Your will and ability have proven you to be a master in both thought and deed. Now that you've shown your true strength, I will reveal to you who I really am. I am the Goddess, Rhisis. Now, it is time for your final task. To show me your true strength, I need you to return to me with 10 Dragon Hearts, 10 Dragon Teeth and 10 Mysterious Eyeballs.

Although the text says 10 Dragon Hearts she only takes 5'"

Accepting Quest Text:

"You must prove your ability to me. Go, and show me what you have learned. I will be watching you."

Denying Quest Text:

"Only those that have the strength and potential to become a Hero, as those who sacrificed their lives to save Madrigal once did, can walk this path. You must search your soul to see if you are truly ready."

During Quest Text:

"I, the Goddess Rhisis, cannot be wrong about you. You must complete the task I have given you in order to become a Hero. I will be with you, always."

Completed Quest Text:

"Go and show the world your new power. I, the Goddess Rhisis, name you a Hero of this world! A protector of Madrigal!

Next Stage in Quest

  • None, Congratulations you have completed another step in character advancement. You are now among the Elite and can continue to reach another step to a higher level and the 3rd job.

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