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Things to see in Darkon 1

Alter of Confession

When your deeds have been less then noble come to see your neighborhood Priest for confession.

Alter of Confession Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Alter of Confession d11.jpg image:Alter of Confession d1 map.jpg image:Alter of Confession d1 nav.jpg

Alter of Darkon

Mystical place, where can be found, scattered pieces of stones. These stones are an important part of Madrigal History and are needed for the Cracked Continent portion of the Historian's Quests Prologue.

Alter of Darkon Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Alter of Darkon1.jpg image:Alter of Darkon map.jpg image:Alter of Darkon nav.jpg

Dekane Mine

Long ago these mines were lively with human workers. Now they are infested with the likes of Keakoons and such

Dekane Mine Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Dekane Mine1.jpg image:Dekane Mine map.jpg image:Dekane Mine nav.jpg

Equipment Merchants

Need some quips for levels 43~55 here is the place to go.

Equipment Merchants Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Equipment Merchants d11.jpg image:Equipment Merchants map d1.jpg image:Equipment Merchants nav d1.jpg

Erons Factory 1

Small town for the quick stop. No food is offered here just Armor and Weapons.

Erons Factory Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Erons Factory1.jpg image:Erons Factory map.jpg image:Erons Factory nav.jpg

Erons Factory 2

Once lively with human workers these factories are now infested with Masquerpets

Erons Factory 2 east Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Erons Factory 2 east1.jpg image:Erons Factory 2 east map.jpg image:Erons Factory 2 east nav.jpg

Erons Factory 2 west Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Erons Factory 2 west1.jpg image:Erons Factory 2 west map.jpg image:Erons Factory 2 west nav.jpg

Gouthan Mountains

The highest mountain chain in Madrigal. Here is where you find the passage to Shaduwar.

Gouthan Mountains Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Gouthan Mountains1.jpg image:Gouthan Mountains map.jpg image:Gouthan Mountains nav.jpg


Midrange Masquerpets live in this area from level 51~68

Khipra Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Khipra1.jpg image:Khipra map.jpg image:Khipra nav.jpg

Red Bang Camp 2

The hidden home of Lord Bang Hayonan

Red Bang Camp 2 Darkon 1 Navigator
image:Red Bang Camp 21.jpg image:Red Bang Camp 2 map.jpg image:Red Bang Camp 2 nav.jpg

The Wilds

Dungeon for the lower levels. Players level 1 to 80 are allowed in. Only thing needed is a flying item since this is an island. This is a Party Instance Dungeon so certain rules apply for entrance. One must be in a party, but the party does not need to accompany you. There is a cool down period for entrance so be careful not to get booted out.

The Wilds Darkon 1 Navigator
image:The Wilds Entrance.jpg image:The Wilds map.jpg image:The Wilds nav.jpg

The Savage Wilds

Dungeon for the higher levels. Players level 60M to 80M are allowed in. Only thing needed is a flying item since this is an island. This is a Party Instance Dungeon so certain rules apply for entrance. One must be in a party, but the party does not need to accompany you. There is a cool down period for entrance so be careful not to get booted out.

The Savage Wilds Darkon 1 Navigator
image:The Savage Wilds Entrance.jpg image:The Savage Wilds map.jpg image:The Savage Wilds nav.jpg

Things to see in Darkon 2

Collecting Area

Mysterious fields of glowing light have appeared in Madrigal. Pushing there way to the surface, small pieces of stone glitter in the sunshine, creating the blinding glow. With the help of a special tool you can mine in these area’s. Here you can gather pieces of items which can be combined into the actual items. Just buy a collector from (Collecting Manager) Collins and pray for good catches.

Collecting Area Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Collecting Area d21.jpg image:Collecting Area d2 map.jpg image:Collecting Area d2 nav.jpg

Clockworks' Cage

It is here that the elders imprisoned the Great Clockworks many years ago

Clockworks' Cage Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Clockworks' Cage1.jpg image:Clockworks' Cage map.jpg image:nav.jpg


Third Major city in the game Darken is the capital city of Dakon

Darken Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Darken1.jpg image:Darken map.jpg image:Darken nav.jpg

Eienble Cave


Eienble Cave Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Eienble Cave1.jpg image:Eienble Cave map.jpg image:Eienble Cave nav.jpg

Equipment Merchants


Equipment Merchants Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Equipment Merchants d21.jpg image:Equipment Merchants d2 map.jpg image:Equipment Merchants d2 nav.jpg

Food Shop


Food Shop Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Food Shop d21.jpg image:Food Shop d2 map.jpg image:Food Shop d2 nav.jpg

Haven's Magic Shop


Haven's Magic Shop Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Haven's Magic Shop1.jpg image:Haven's Magic Shop map.jpg image:NPCHaven2.jpg

Madrigal Job Training Center

Second Job Masters, here you will find the Master of your second job. Be vigilant in your quest choice for it can not be removed once the first part is completed

Second Job Masters Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Second Job Masters1.jpg image:Second Job Masters map.jpg image:Second Job Mastersnav.jpg

Acrobat Instructors, here is where the aspiring Vagrant goes to become an Acrobat

Acrobat Instructors Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Acrobat Instructors1.jpg image:Acrobat Instructors map.jpg image:NPCHent2.jpg

Public Office


Public Office Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Public Office d21.jpg image:Public Office d2 map.jpg image:Public Office d2 nav.jpg

PvP Arena

Area for "Free-For-All" combat. No pk disposition is gained here.

PvP Arena DK.jpg PvP Arena PvP Arena Navigator
[[image:{{{image_entrance}}}]] image:PvP Arena.jpg image:PvP Arena Darkonmap.jpg

Quest Office


Quest Office Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Quest Office d21.jpg image:Quest Office d2 map.jpg image:Quest Office d2 nav.jpg

Rainbow Race


Rainbow Race Darkon 2 Navigator
image:Rainbow Race1.jpg image:Public Office d2 map.jpg image:NPCOfficer2.jpg

Things to see in Darkon 3

Altar of Billposter

Situated in a small island between Aniceknight and Arians, this is the altar where future billposters should go when requested in their job change quest. Here stands the priest Fera, one of the 9 priests of Roentel, the Billposter Hero, that together with 7 more heroes, fought against Shade in the last war. Fera teaches the hero’s strength to his future successors and waits them to bring Roentel’s poster of his legendary skill, “Shadow Avatar”.

Altar of Billposter Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Altar of Billposter1.jpg image:Altar of Billposter map.jpg image:Altar of Billposter nav.jpg

Altar of Blade

In between the two large and curved metal structures of Brekin, lies the Altar of Blade, here future blades will find Jeperdy, one of the 9 priests of Heren, the Blade Hero, one of the 8 heroes who fought against Shade. Here Jeperdy waits that Heren’s followers will give her the teardrop of darkness that threatens the souls of the heroes.

Altar of Blade Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Altar of Blade1.jpg image:Altar of Blade map.jpg image:Altar of Blade nav.jpg

Altar of Elementor

Behind the clockworks cage mountains rises a magnificent tree nourished by the waters of Arians. In between the roots of this tree those that have chosen the path of the Elementor can find its altar. Here stands Condram one of the 9 priests of Lillip, the Elementor Hero, one of the 8 heroes who fought against Shade. Condram teaches Lillip’s wisdom to future Elementors and waits them to bring Lillip’s perfume…. Tough no one ever found why she would want it…

Altar of Elementor Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Altar of Elementor1.jpg image:Altar of Elementor map.jpg image:Altar of Elementor nav.jpg

Altar of Jester

Surrounded by hot lava rivers that constantly emerge from Magmient’s volcano, stands the altar of Jester, where future Jesters will find Homeit, one of the 8 priests of Curenen, the jester Hero, the youngest of the 8 heroes who fought Shade. Curenen teaches new to-be-jesters the path of their hero and protects the Jewels of Heroes, that surprisingly are always being stolen by Sisif whenever an acrobat chooses to be a jester.

Altar of Jester Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Altar of Jester1.jpg image:Altar of Jester map.jpg image:Altar of Jester nav.jpg

Altar of Knight

Just a bit north of the Altar of Jester, on the base of Magmient’s Volcano, lays the altar of Knight. Here future knights shall find Lobiet, one of the 8 priests of Billeien, the Knight Hero, leader of the heroes who fought against Shade. Lobiet guides future knights into Billeien path and protects the Soulstones of the Heroes that are stolen by Wheelems from time to time.

Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Altar of Knight1.jpg image:Altar of Knight map.jpg image:Altar of Knight nav.jpg

Altar of Psykeeper

In a circular opening in the woods of Heret, an exceptional light blue tree, releases a magical power wave from its trunk. Here those who wish to follow the path of the Psykeeper will find Pereb, one of the 8 priests of Offerep, the mysterious Psykeeper Hero, that fought Shade. Pereb teaches Offerep’s path and hopes that future psykeepers will return the relic, Trace of Offerep, back to the sanctuary.

Altar of Psykeeper Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Altar of Psykeeper1.jpg image:Altar of Psykeeper map.jpg image:Altar of Psykeeper nav.jpg

Altar of Ranger

In the hills above one of the ways that connect Aniceknight to Magmient, stands the altar of Ranger. Rupim, one of the 8 priests of Hainan, the Ranger hero leads future rangers in his path and attends them to bring her the 8 History of Hero books that have been stolen by pranksters.

Altar of Ranger Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Altar of Ranger1.jpg image:Altar of Ranger map.jpg image:Altar of Ranger nav.jpg

Altar of Ringmaster

Probably the most beautiful of all altars, this one stands in eastern Cendil on a high hill where mushroom-trees gathers, forming a path to the top. Here Heedan blesses those who come to this place, and teaches future Ringmasters the path of Aenn, the Hero Ringmaster, brother of Roentel, and participant in the hero war against Shade. In return, they must bring Aenn’s teardrops so that Heedan can preserve this treasure for eternity.

Altar of Ringmaster Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Altar of Ringmaster1.jpg image:Altar of Ringmaster map.jpg image:Altar of Ringmaster nav.jpg


Located in the middle of Darkon 3, after Cendil, this green area is known by having the largest and highest trees in all Madrigal. The warm weather cause by the proximity of the hot regions of Magmient and the lakes spread throughout the land have certainly contributed to the quick growth of the woods in such manner that some of the trees have gained life of their own and became known as Antiqueries. Together with Watangkas, they haunt this forest, virtually untouched by man, so dense that one can see the rays of light piercing trough the leaves.

Aniceknight Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Aniceknight1.jpg image:Aniceknight map.jpg image:Aniceknight nav.jpg


In between Aniceknight and the mountains surrounding the Deadwallderness, extends an area composed by several pools of water. One could almost think this to be a swamp-like area were it not by its green soil. More near the tree that shelters the Altar of Elementor, can be seen the remains of a forest, whose trees were probably cut to serve the unfinished Brekin’s factory. This area is home of two kinds of monsters: Boos and Replyges

Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Arians1.jpg image:Arians map.jpg image:Arians nav.jpg


A seemingly unfinished factory, Brekin was built near Magamient’s Volcano to take advantage of energy and gas provided by the hot lava rivers that come down the volcano. It’s mostly known by two large metal structures in half-circle shape that connect themselves through an tunnel excavated in the mountain. Coming out from these structures and the surrounding mountains we can see large pipes crossing the landscape that was wrecked by the volcano’s fury.

Brekin Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Brekin1.jpg image:Brekin map.jpg image:Brekin nav.jpg


While going through the several caves in Madrigal, certainly you have seen strange luminescent mushrooms. Yet none of them compare in greatness with the giant mushroom-like trees that characterize Cendil. Here you can get surprised by the predominant blue light color that claims everything, walls, ground, trees, giving a misty feeling to this area that hardly can be felt anywhere in madrigal. As you walk through this land you can see small dots of light coming out of the ground or the water that float through the sky or large bridges that nature itself has shaped. But the most unique feature of the area is the alter of Ringmaster, a beautiful agglomerate of mushroom trees that nature has formed that simply can’t be compared.

Cendil Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Cendil1.jpg image:Cendil map.jpg image:Cendil nav.jpg

Darkon 3 Vending Area (old lodelight)

In a canyon in between Aniceknight and Arians smoke can be seen coming out from several fires. Here you can find a nomad camping site belonging to the Khan union, known throughout Madrigal for their high quality products, especially made for high level players. In old days this was also a respawn point if the players died in most of the darkon3 area. Nowadays, this place is usually frequented by aoers, seeing that the general store run by Tandy is the only place in Madrigal that sells golden pills.

Darkon 3 Vending Area (old lodelight) Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Darkon 3 Vending Area (old lodelight)1.jpg image:Darkon 3 Vending Area (old lodelight) map.jpg image:Darkon 3 Vending Area (old lodelight) nav.jpg


Crossing the Arians area, the traveler will soon notice a passage way in between two high mountains. Pass those walls, and no more trees will give you shadow, no more lakes will satiate your thirst. In the deserting lands of Deadwalderness only a suffocating wind will great you to this barren land. Scarpered hills and large skeletons characterize the landscape, where hordes of high level monsters roam without destiny.

Deadwalderness Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Deadwalderness1.jpg image:Deadwalderness map.jpg image:Deadwalderness nav.jpg

Equipment Merchants

Surrounded by caravans containing loots of goods, these merchants, Chenbing and Kablloc, belonging to the Khan union, sell the highest common armor, weapons and shield available trough npc in the game, meaning armor from lvl 59 to lvl 83 and weapons from lvl 55 to lvl 85.

Equipment Merchants Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Equipment Merchants d31.jpg image:Equipment Merchants d3 map.jpg image:Equipment Merchants d3 nav.jpg

Food Shop

Another, Khan union merchant, Jinitte runs a little restaurant in this area, which became very frequented by high lvl players that don’t want nor need to go all the way back to Darken to refill for food.

Food Shop Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Food Shop d31.jpg image:Food Shop d3 map.jpg image:Food Shop d3 nav.jpg


In place surrounded by lava, high golden and orange colored towers rise to welcome those that come to change for the second job. Guardiane is a imposing place where ritual fires light the place and huge stairs leads to a pyramidal altar where stand the 8 guardians of the 8 jobs waiting for the brave fighters to come and change their job once all the required quests completed.

Guardiane Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Guardiane1.jpg image:Guardiane map.jpg image:Guardiane nav.jpg


A luxurious place of vegetation, Heret is a unique forest in Madrigal. Here the trees entangle themselves in green archways over blue and green soil, sometimes filled with water. When passing through Heret one cannot unnoticed the strange whistles of the Hopres that roam in the area.

Heret Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Heret1.jpg image:Heret map.jpg image:Heret nav.jpg

House of Laola

Near one of the gates that separates Cendil from Aniceknight, a small house can be seen among the roots of a big tree. Here Laola, a great magician taught in the arts of black magic, likes to take care of her flower garden and receive some visitor from times to times to tell her story and of her student. People can still feel some magic in this place, where the flowers are swept by a mysterious wind that goes around the house. Smoke comes out of the chimney. Who knows what magic Laola might be preparing inside?

House of Laola Darkon 3 Navigator
image:House of Laola1.jpg image:House of Laola map.jpg image:House of Laola nav.jpg


At one of the edges of Darkon3, the sky becomes darker with smoke and the ground red with fire. Here the mountains gather in a huge volcano, permanently in activity, from which rivers of lava sprout, molding the landscape around. This are shows a few signs of human activity, but it’s all abandoned now.

Magmient Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Magmient1.jpg image:Magmient map.jpg image:Magmient nav.jpg

Volkane Dungeon

Behind the buildings of Guardian, at the edge of Darkon3, a strange man stands proudly over the hills. He is the keeper of the Volkane Dungeon, a place inside Magmient’s volcanic land, where fire sparks fly in the air, and powerful monsters ramble, ready to fight anyone who enters. But should you crave for fame and glory, this is your ultimate destiny, for here lays your opportunity to become a Hero.

Volkane Dungeon Darkon 3 Navigator
image:Volkane Dungeon1.jpg image:Volkane Dungeon map.jpg image:Volkane Dungeon nav.jpg

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