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Fame Title System

This feature was first introduced in version 13. Now you can gain different titles and choose which one you wish to display.

What are Fame Titles

Fame Titles are special titles that are received once you have filled the requirements. They have replaced the pvp titles from previous version's of Flyff.
Image:title aibatt hunter.jpg Image:fame tab.png
To view your Fame Titles, press the Hot Key "H" and then the Titles Tab. You can set which ever title to display from the list of titles that you have achieved.

Permanent Titles

  • These Titles can not be lost as once the requirement is filled, it can not be undone.
Permanent Fame Titles
Title Requirement
Master Collector Collect for 60 days.
Entrepreneur Vend for 90 days.
Master Hatcher Hatch 100 eggs.
Casanova Form 100 Couples.
Jump Master Jump 500,000 times.
Gray Pill Addict Eat 30,000 Gray Pills.
Yellow Pill Addict Eat 30,000 Yellow Pills.
Blue Pill Addict Eat 30,000 Blue Pills.
Red Pill Addict Eat 30,000 Red Pills.
Gold Pill Addict Eat 30,000 Gold Pills.
Mysterious Pill Addict Eat 30,000 Mysterious Pills.
Lollipop Addict Eat 200,000 Lollipops.
Biscuit Addict Eat 200,000 Biscuits.
Chocolate Bar Addict Eat 200,000 Chocolate Bars.
Milk Addict Eat 200,000 Milks.
Hot Dog Addict Eat 200,000 Hot Dogs.
Pizza Addict Eat 200,000 Pizzaz.
Kimbap Addict Eat 200,000 Kimbaps.
Chicken Stick Addict Eat 200,000 Chicken Sticks.
Star Candy Addict Eat 200,000 Star Candys.
Meat Skewer Addict Eat 200,000 Meat Skewers.
Barbecue Addict Eat 200,000 Barbeques.
Seafood Pan Cake Addict Eat 200,000 Seafood Pan Cakes.
Fish Soup Addict Eat 200,000 Fish Soups.
Sausage Casserole Addict Eat 200,000 Sausage Casseroles.
Fish Stew Addict Eat 200,000 Fish Stews.
Steamed Seafood Addict Eat 200,000 Steamed Seafood.
Meat Salad Addict Eat 200,000 Meat Salads.
Gratin Addict Eat 200,000 Gratins.
Seafood Pizza Addict Eat 200,000 Seafood Pizzas.
Orange Juice Addict Eat 200,000 Orange Juices.
Strawberry Shake Addict Eat 200,000 Strawberry Shakes.
Pineapple Cone Addict Eat 200,000 Pineapple Cones.
Banana Jujubar Addict Eat 200,000 Banana Jujubars.
Fruit Juice Addict Eat 200,000 Fruit Juices.
Fruit Icewater Addict Eat 200,000 Fruit Icewaters.
Fruit Parfait Addict Eat 200,000 Fruit Parfaits.
Fruit Sherbert Addict Eat 200,000 Fruit Sherbets.
Icecream Addict Eat 200,000 Icecreams.
Aibatt Hunter Kill 15,000 Aibatts.
Lawolf Hunter Kill 15,000 Lawolfs.
Cardpuppet Hunter Kill 15,000 Cardpuppets.
Glaphan Hunter Kill 15,000 Glaphans.
Meteonyker Hunter Kill 15,000 Meteonykers.
Psyclops Hunter Kill 15,000 Cyclops X.
Yetti Hunter Kill 15,000 Yettis.
Mutant Yetti Hunter Kill 15,000 Mutant Yettis.
Augu Hunter Kill 15,000 Augus.
Mutant Augu Hunter Kill 15,000 Mutant Augus.
Ghostly Prince Hunter Kill 15,000 Ghost of the Forgotten Princes.
Ghostly King Hunter Kill 15,000 Ghost of the Forgotten Kings.
Mammoth Hunter Kill 15,000 Mammoths.
Cannibal Mammoth Hunter Kill 15,000 Cannibal Mammoths.
Kingster Hunter Kill 15,000 Kingsters.
Kragen Hunter Kill 15,000 Krakens.
Crepper Hunter Kill 15,000 Crepers.
Naga Hunter Kill 15,000 Nagas.
Atrox Hunter Kill 15,000 Atroxs.
Okean Hunter Kill 15,000 Okeans.
Tigar Hunter Kill 15,000 Tigars.
Dorian Hunter Kill 15,000 Dorians.
Meral Hunter Kill 15,000 Merals.
Clockworks Killer Kill 100 Clockworks.
Red Dragon Hunter Kill 100 Red Meteonykers.
Master Ringmaster Be Level 60 Master or higher as Ringmaster.
Master Billposter Be Level 60 Master or higher as Billposter.
Master Blade Be Level 60 Master or higher as Blade.
Master Knight Be Level 60 Master or higher as Knight
Master Elementor Be Level 60 Master or higher as Elementor.
Master Psykeeper Be Level 60 Master or higher as Psykeeper.
Master Ranger Be Level 60 Master or higher as Ranger.
Master Jester Be Level 60 Master or higher as Jester.
Hero Ringmaster Be Level 121 Hero or higher as Ringmaster.
Hero Billposter Be Level 121 Hero or higher as Billposter.
Hero Blade Be Level 121 Hero or higher as Blade.
Hero Knight Be Level 121 Hero or higher as Knight.
Hero Elementor Be Level 121 Hero or higher as Elementor.
Hero Psykeeper Be Level 121 Hero or higher as Psykeeper.
Hero Ranger Be Level 121 Hero or higher as Ranger.
Hero Jester Be Level 121 Hero or higher as Jester.
Seraph Be Level 130 or higher as Ringmaster (3rd job).
Force Master Be Level 130 or higher as Billposter (3rd job).
Slayer Be Level 130 or higher as Blade (3rd job).
Templar Be Level 130 or higher as Knight (3rd job).
Arcanist Be Level 130 or higher as Elementor (3rd job).
Mentalist Be Level 130 or higher as Psykeeper (3rd job).
Crackshooter Be Level 130 or higher as Ranger (3rd job).
Harlequin Be Level 130 or higher as Jester (3rd job).

Temporary Titles

  • These Titles can be lost once you no longer meet the requirements.
Temporary Fame Titles
Title Requirement
Great Couple Level your Couple level to 21.
Dreadful Fellow Kill 5 people in PK.
Strength Master Get 253 BASE STR.
Stamina Master Get 253 BASE STA.
Dexterity Master Get 253 BASE DEX.
Intelligence Master Get 253 BASE INT.
Novice Fighter Get 10 PVP Points.
Apprentice Fighter Get 100 PVP Points.
Persistant Fighter Get 1,000 PVP Points.
Devoted Fighter Get 4,000 PVP Points.
Passionate Fighter Get 10,000 PVP Points.
Unyeilding Fighter Get 20,000 PVP Points.
Prizewinning Fighter Get 50,000 PVP Points.
Renowned Fighter Get 1,000,000 PVP Points.
Epic Fighter Get 5,000,000 PVP Points.
Champion Fighter Get 10,000,000 PVP Points.
Lord Become a Lord.

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