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Upgrading with Stat Dice

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You can get extra stats on your character by using a Stat DiceImage:Stat Dice.png once you have obtained your first job. You can find the Stat Dice at the NPC (Jewel Manager) Peach and NPC (Jewel Manager) Raia for 100.000 penya. By using a Stat Dice you will increase or decrease your stats of your character.

The Stat Dice increases 2 random stats by 1 and decreases the other two stats.The maximum increase of a stat is +41 and the maximum decrease is -14. You can use as many Stat Dice as you want, the numbers will add up till the maximum is reached. However, when you reach the maximum or minimum the next Stat Dice will give the maximized stat 1 less or the minimized stat 1 more.

If you want to get rid of the stats that are given by the Stat Dice, you can use a Stat Dice (Reset)Image:Stat Dice Reset.png. This item can be found in the Cash Shop. Keep in mind that this will remove all the stats given by the Stat Dice.

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