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Baruna Upgrade System

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Baruna Upgrade System


Upgrade Spirit

Introduced in the v16 update we present to you the New Upgrading System. The Baruna Weapon comes with a new crafting system for upgrading. This new crafting system uses newly introduced items. First lets start off with the New Upgrade Spirit. He is like a (Upgrade Specialist) BoBoChan in your pocket.

Upgrade Spirit 1 Upgrade Spirit 2
Image:udi menu.png

These little pocket upgraders come in 5 levels. Levels are acquired through upgrading. The more they work the better they get. There are two ways to get one. They can be found in game by completing their quest. Upgrade Spirit Quest. The second way to get one is in the Cash Shop. To access your Upgrade Spirit simply double click on him in inventory or select in right click menu.

Upgrading your Upgrade
Level Needed EXP Additional Success Acquiring Method Notes
1 0 ? Quest Upgrading Baruna items Spirit Does not move
2 ? ? Spirit Can not be attacked
3 ? ? Cash Shop Spirit can be summoned everywhere
4 ? ? Can not summon if 2 pets are out
5 ? ? Summons canceled if user leaves
Oh and by the way they're Trade-able/Sell-able

Baruna System

This system has 5 stages. To create a Baruna weapon the user needs these items a Stone of Balance, the Baruna Weapon to upgrade and at users discretion a protection scroll named Blessing of Baruna.

Stone of Balance

The Stone of Balance is acquired through crafting or in player shops. To craft a Stone of Balance on needs the following items:

Note:This phase can not fail.

Creating Crystal of Order

They can be crafted and or picked up for they drop from all Flyff_Masquerpets. Items needed:
  • Crystal Pieces dropped by all Flyff_Masquerpets
  • Potion of Binding is sold by General NPCs
  • Upgrade Spirit

Your little Upgrade Spirit will be needed so call him out, then on his menu select the second to last option. Place stone pieces and appropriate potion and press combine.

Note:This phase can not fail.

Crystal of Order
Level Icon Crystal Name Mob lvl Purity Amount Needed levelup potion Resulting Crystal
6 Image:Remnants of Order.png Remnants of Order Levels 1-30 10 10 Inferior Potion of Binding Fragments of Order
5 Image:Fragments of Order.png Fragments of Order Levels 16-60 30 10 Advanced Potion of Binding Splinters of Order
4 Image:Splinters of Order.png Splinters of Order Levels 16-90 50 10 Fine Potion of Binding Shards of Order
3 Image:Shards of Order.png Shards of Order Levels 31-120 70 10 Superior Potion of Binding Pieces of Order
2 Image:Pieces of Order.png Pieces of Order Levels 61-121+ 90 1 Divine Potion of Binding Crystal of Order

:Extracting Chaos Gem from Items

The Chaos Gem is obtained through what is called Extraction. Any non-unique/non-ultimate weapon or armor may be used for this procedure.
Items needed:
  • Item for destruction
  • Upgrade Spirit

Again your little Upgrade Spirit will be needed so call him out, then on his menu select the second option. Place weapon/armor you wish to destroy and select Extract.

Note: This action can fail. If failure occurs item will be lost and no Dregs of Chaos or Chaos Gem will be made.

If it succeeds the number and type of stone extracted depends on the level of item used.

Creating Chaos Gem from Dregs of Chaos
Although Chaos Gem are ready for next step Dregs of Chaos are not. They require further upgrading to be ready.
Items needed:

Again your little Upgrade Spirit will be needed so call him out, then on his menu select third Option. Place Dregs and tar in slots and press combine.

Note: This phase can not fail.

Now that you have both gems the Chaos Gem and the Crystal of Order we may proceed with crafting of Stone of Balance. Remember items needed for crafting are:

Note:This phase can not fail.

Baruna Upgrade

Now the actual upgrading in the system is like all other present in game. Speak to your Upgrade Spirit and select the last option. This will call up the upgrade window. The upgrading menu looks like this
There are 3 slots. Simply place items and press combine.

Note: This action can fail. If failure occurs all items will be lost.

Like all other upgrading, breakage is possible thus the Blessing of Baruna was created.

Baruna items are not safe from breakage at any upgrade level. If you are upgrading from +3 to +4, and the upgrade fails, you will lose your Baruna item.

If all goes well you should now be the proud owner of and upgraded Baruna Weapon

Weapons and Shields Using the New Baruna Upgrade

Skill Shields:

Risen Armory Weapons:

Muran Weapons (drop from Ankou)

Baruna Socketting

Baruna weapons may now be socketed with the help of your Upgrade Spirit. Select "Socket Ancient Rune" from has menu and his socking window will appear. There are 4 slots one for the weapon, one for the Baruna Runes, one for the image:Scroll of RProtect.png Scroll of RProtect and one for the image:Scroll of Rune Socketing Success.pngScroll of Rune Socketting Success. The process will not halt if you forget the success scroll but you will be warned if you forget the RProtect scroll. Item will not break but Rune might be lost.

Image:Baruna Sockting.gif
image:Ancient Rune (Berk).png Ancient Rune (Berk) image:Ancient Rune (Zera).png Ancient Rune (Zera) image:Ancient Rune (Manaz).png Ancient Rune (Manaz)
image:Ancient Rune (Sigel).png Ancient Rune (Sigel)

Weapons Using the New Baruna Socketting

For now only the Weapons may be socketted.

Note: Shields do not fall under the weapon category, but they are listed as a drop. They CAN NOT be pierced!

Risen Armory Weapons:

Muran Weapons (drop from Ankou)

Yggdrasil Weapons

Baruna Elementing

Baruna items can now be elemented using the Ove's. They can be elemented to a maximum of +20.

Upgrade Lv. Fire Earth Wind Electric Water
+1 ~ +20 image:Flame Ove.png Flame Ove image:Desert Ove.png Desert Ove image:Cyclone Ove.png Cyclone Ove image:Generator Ove.png Generator Ove image:River Ove.png River Ove

You may use image:Elemental Energizer.png Elemental Energizer to increase the elementing success rate.

It is advised that you use image:Baruna Grace.png Baruna Grace if you attempt to increase the element level. Baruna Grace is not needed for +1 and +2, after this a warning will show up.

Baruna Awakening

Baruna items can now be awakened. If you wish to remove an awakening please use image:Baruna Oblivion.png Baruna Oblivion.

Baruna Piercing

It is now able to pierce Baruna armor with Scroll of GProtect(Baruna)Image:Scroll of GProtect Baruna.png and Cosmo Stonesimage:Cosmo Stone.png. Each Baruna Suit can be pierced up to 4 slots. The slots can be used to add Suit Socket Cards. You can add the already existing Suit Socket Cards (2%, 4%, 7%, 10%, 12%), but you can now also add the 15% Baruna Cards:

Adds HP DEF FP Attack MP
15% Image:VolcanoCard15.png Volcano Baruna Card 15% Image:EarthquakeCard15.png Earthquake Baruna Card 15% Image:VacuumCard15.png Vacuum Baruna Card 15% Image:LightningCard15.png Lightning Baruna Card 15% Image:OceanCard15.png Ocean Baruna Card 15%

These cards can be made by exchanging 20 of the specific 12% Cards at the Socket Card Operator.
Note: To remove the cards you need Scroll of Baruna Reversionimage:Scroll of Baruna Reversion.png.

Baruna Jewel Socket

Baruna Weapons have now the option to be set with diamonds to receive additional attributes once the weapon is high upgraded. The Pierced Sockets will appear automatically once the weapon reached the correct upgrade level. The number of sockets available is as follows:

Upgrade Level Number of Sockets
Baruna +1 ~ +11 0 Sockets Available
Baruna +12 ~ +13 1 Socket Available
Baruna +14 ~ +15 2 Sockets Available
Baruna +16 ~ +17 3 Sockets Available
Baruna +18 ~ +19 4 Sockets Available
Baruna +20 5 Sockets Available

To add diamonds you need your Upgrade Spirit. The diamonds give the following stats.

Amount HP Attack Power Defense Bloodsucking PvP Damage STR STA DEX INT
1 1138 63 50 3 6 13 13 13 13
2 2275 125 100 6 12 25 25 25 25
3 3413 188 150 9 18 38 38 38 38
4 4550 250 200 12 24 50 50 50 50
5 6825 375 300 18 36 75 75 75 75

Note: To remove the diamonds you need Scroll of Baruna Reversionimage:Scroll of Baruna Reversion.png.

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