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(General) Lui
Continent: Flaris

Area: Central Flarine.

Available Quests

Welcome to Madrigal!

Lui Keraldine runs the general shop in Central Flarine.

Lui Keraldine runs the general shop in Central Flarine. Before leaving to train or starting a siege don't forget to stop in to his shop. If your feeling a little tried he's the NPC to see.


World Quote:

  • "Come one, come all! Get your supplies here! You're gonna need it!"


  • "Going somewhere? You look a little unprepared, so I'd think twice about leaving Flarine without stocking up on supplies. Good thing for you, I'm here. So, whaddya need?"

Who are you?:

  • "Who am I? I'm Lui Keraldine, of course. My friends call me Handsome Lui. Since we're not friends, why don't you just call me Lui. If you buy something from my General Store here, I *might* let you call me Handsome."


  • "Don't forget to shop at Handsome Lui's General Shop for your adventuring needs!"


Introduced in v13 now all Skill Poster, Bless Poster and Arrows max to 9999 on purchase.

Shop Inventory


Item Info. Req. Job Req. Lv. Price (in Penya)
Image:Skillposter.jpg Skill Poster Needed to use certain Billposter skills. Billposter 60 50
Image:Blessposter.jpg Bless Poster Needed to use certain Ringmaster skills. Ringmaster 60 50

Magic Tools

Item Info. Price (in Penya)
Image:Firstrefresher.jpg First Refresher Recover 25 MP. 28
Image:Secondrefresher.jpg Second Refresher Recover 50 MP. 46
Image:Thirdrefresher.jpg Third Refresher Recover 75 MP. 73
Image:Fourthrefresher.jpg Fourth Refresher Recover 100 MP. 90
Image:Fifthrefresher.jpg Fifth Refresher Recover 125 MP. 106
Image:Vitaldrink100.jpg VitalDrink 100 Recover 30 FP. 108
Image:Vitaldrink200.jpg VitalDrink 200 Recover 60 FP. 129
Image:Vitaldrink300.jpg VitalDrink 300 Recover 90 FP. 145
Image:Vitaldrink400.jpg VitalDrink 400 Recover 120 FP. 165
Image:Vitaldrink500.jpg VitalDrink 500 Recover 150 FP. 172


Item Info. Req. Job Req. Lv. Price (in Penya)
Image:Arrow.gif Arrows A quiver of arrows. Acrobat 15 1

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