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(Food) Losha
Continent: Flaris

Area: Eastern Flarine.

This cute girl is the Food Shop on Flaris.
Losha Encline runs the Lalaen Food shop. Though she is young she makes the best food in Madrigal. She tell you that she lives with her little sister Loyah and Ssotta.



World Quote:

  • "Need a moment? Grab a chocolate bar from Losha's Premium Foods Shop!"


  • "Hello, welcome to Losha's Premium Foods Shop! We are here to serve the citizens of Flarine with the most tasty treats penya can buy! So whaddya say, are ya' hungry?"

Who are you?:

  • "My name is Losha Encline. Apprentice SsotTta, my little sister Loyah, and myself all live together and help to run my Food Shop. I've been told I'm the best cook in Madrigal! Care to try a Kimbap?"


  • "Thank you, come again!"


Shop Inventory


Item Info. Price (in Penya)
Image:Lollipop.JPG Lollipop Recover 70 HP. 20
Image:Biscuit.gif Biscuit Recover 140 HP. 35
Image:Chocolate.jpg Chocolate Bar Recover 200 HP. 50
Image:Milk.jpg Milk Recover 260 HP. 70
Image:Bread.jpg Roll Bread Recover 330 HP. 80
Image:Hotdog.jpg Hot Dog Recover 429 HP. 110
Image:Pizza.jpg Pizza Recover 552 HP. 144
Image:Kimbap.jpg Kimbap Recover 676 HP. 188
Image:Chicken.jpg Chicken Stick Recover 812 HP. 231
Image:Starcandy.jpg Star Candy Recover 975 HP. 285

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