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At level 130 the Jester can progress to the 3rd job change - Harlequin. Harlequins rely on their high Critical Hit Rate and skills for a quick end to a battle. Harlequins may use Bows but just like there previous Jester Job, they will not have access to their skills.

Class Development
Pre-Classification 1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class
Vagrant Image:Right Arrow.png Acrobat Image:Right Arrow.png Jester Image:Right Arrow.png Harlequin
Ranger Image:Right Arrow.png Crackshooter



The Harlequin can use Yo-Yos and may not use Shields.


They may equip any of their previous job's armor.

Harlequin Skills

View individual skill pages for detailed information and skill animations

Harlequin Skills
Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Region of Effect Description
image:Harlequin_Harlequin's Greeting.png Harlequin's Greeting Yo-Yos 130 None
image:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only A sneak attack that delivers a powerful blow to the rear of your target.
image:Harlequin_Minds Eye.png Minds Eye Yo-Yos 130 None
image:Normalskill.gif Self Increase hit rate for 5 minutes.
image:Harlequin_Pandemonium.png Pandemonium Yo-Yos 130 None
image:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only A ranged attack that triggers a magical explosion when it strikes your enemy.
image:Harlequin_Whisper Dodge.png Whisper Dodge Yo-Yos 130 None
image:Normalskill.gif Self Increase melee block rate for 5 minutes.

Speed Breaks

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