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Female and Male Vagrant.



The starting class of FlyFF, all new players are Vagrants by default. This class is designed to give new players a basic feel of the game, as well as learning all of the controls and the game mechanics. Fighting with the most basic weapons, a Vagrant's attacks are usually slow and far from accurate. Because of this, most Vagrants rely on buffs to achieve level 15 as fast as possible.



The Vagrant can use Axes and Swords may use Shields.


Vagrant Skills

View individual skill pages for detailed information and skill animations
Vagrant Skills
Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Region of Effect Description
image:Vagrant_Clean Hit.png Clean Hit Swords or Axes 3 None
image:Startingskill.gif Selected Target only A powerful, downward strike.
image:Vagrant_Flurry.png Flurry Swords or Axes 5 Clean Hit 3
image:Circleskill.gif Selected Target only Rapid, stabbing attack.
image:Vagrant_Over Cut.png Over Cut Swords or Axes 10 Flurry 3
image:Finishingskill.gif Selected Target only Powerful, upward, finishing move.

Speed Breaks

These figures are to be used as a guide. They are base stat points. Their exactitude may vary depending on weapons, buffs, awakenings, jewelery, etc. Results were taken from Jon's Sim

Primary Primary
Axes Swords
Normal Normal
Lvl Dex AtkSpd Lvl Dex AtkSpd
1 15 42% 1 15 42%
11 34 46% 6 24 46%

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