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Two-handed melee weapon used to bash your opponent. Also needed to cast assist buffing skills.

Normal Sticks

Level Icon Name Attack min-max
15 Image:May.gif Plim Stick 40-42
15 Image:Scull.gif Scull Stick 50-52
22 Image:Tim.gif Huey Stick 54-56
27 Image:Bopol.gif Kudos Stick 66-68
27 Image:Sayram.gif Sayram Stick 80-82
34 Image:Flarine.gif Saint Stick 90-92
40 Image:Flury.gif Flury Stick 120-122
40 Image:Gale.gif Ninegale Stick 132-134
47 Image:Zanne.gif Mirth Stick 146-148
47 Image:Hein.gif Sizzle Stick 150-152
55 Image:Peppermin.gif Sealine Stick 164-166
55 Image:Pinacle.gif Pinacle Stick 168-170
64 Image:Rori.gif Rave Stick 200-202
70 Image:Cherry.gif Fanta Stick 218-220
75 Image:Fairmine.gif Moralemine Stick 234-236
80 Image:Shabere.gif Shinewing Stick 262-264
85 Image:Requer.gif Shalow Stick 266-268
90 Image:Morain.gif Prede Stick 280-282
95 Image:Pierlin.gif Leoss Stick 287-289
100 Image:Labad.gif Forlas Stick 304-306
110 Image:Vailem.gif Shait Stick 314-316
120 Image:Maret.gif Garlain Stick 324-326

Rare and Unique Sticks

Level Icon Name Attack min-max Added bonus
1 Image:OldGuardiansStick.png Old Guardian's Stick 1-2
11 Image:Meryl.gif Meryl Stick 27-29 STR+1, Hit+50%
15 Image:Flarine.gif Flarine Stick 70-72 INT+2, Increased MP+5%
18 Image:Grim.gif Grim Stick 40-42 Hit+20%
24 Image:Papang.gif Papang Stick 52-54 Max. HP+100, Hit+50%
25 Image:Tritiums.gif Tritium Stick 80-82 INT+5
30 Image:Saint.gif Saint Guardian Stick 114-116 INT+3, Increased MP+10%
34 Image:Dain.gif Dain Stick 80-82 Hit+20%
39 Image:Sephy.gif Sephy Stick 90-92 STA+3
45 Image:Rori.gif Stick of Roritoren 169-171 INT+5, Decreased MP Consumption+10%
45 Image:Barem.gif Barem Stick 130-132 Hit+20%, INT+2
51 Image:Bosi.gif Bosl Stick 146-148 Max. HP+100, Max. MP+100
57 Image:Hyper.gif Hyper Stick 162-164 INT+3
60 Image:Shabere.gif Pre-Shabere Stick 166-168 None
60 Image:Yakshadian.gif Yakshadain Stick 200-202 Max. MP+200, INT+4
60 Image:Guardians.gif Guardian Stick 274-283 DCT+10%, Increased Attack+10%, INT+10, Reflect Damage+1%, Hit+10%.
70 Image:Shabere.gif Stick of Ivillines 260-262 STR+3, STA+3, DEX+3, INT+3
75 Image:Gladiator's Bronze Stick.png Gladiator's Bronze Stick 219-225 DCT+8%, Increased Attack+8%, INT+8, Reflect Damage+1%, Hit+10%.
75 Image:Historics.gif Historic Stick 296-306 DCT+11%, Increased Attack+11%, INT+11, STA+2, Hit+10%.
85 Image:Shabere.gif Qurion Stick 264-266 Attack Speed+3.5%
90 Image:Gladiator's Silver Stick.png Gladiator's Silver Stick 255-265 DCT+9%, Increased Attack+10%, INT+9, Max. HP+100, Hit+10%.
90 Image:Angelss.gif Angel Stick 320-331 DCT+12%, Increased Attack+12%, INT+12, Max. HP+100, Hit+10%.
105 Image:Legendarys.gif Legendary Golden Stick 345-358 DCT+13%, Increased Attack+14%, INT+13, Ranged Block+2%, Hit+10%.
120 Image:Gladiator's Gold Stick.png Gladiator's Gold Stick 298-308 DCT+12%, Increased Attack+12%, INT+12, PvP Damage Increase+10%, Hit+10%.
120 Image:Bloodystick.gif Bloody Stick 373-386 DCT+15%, Increased Attack+16%, INT+15, Additional Damage to bleeding enemy+2%, Hit+10%.

Ultimate Sticks

Level Icon Name Attack min-max Added bonus
60 Image:Guardians.gif Ultimate Guardian Stick 329-339 INT+10, DCT+10%, Increased Attack+10%, Reflect Damage+3%, Hit+10%

75 Image:Ultimate Gladiator's Bronze Stick.png Ultimate Gladiator's Bronze Stick 262-271 INT+8, DCT+8%, Increased Attack+8%, Reflect Damage+3%, Hit+10%

75 Image:Historics.gif Ultimate Historic Stick 354-367 INT+11, DCT+11%, Increased Attack+11%, STA+5, Hit+10%

90 Image:Ultimate Gladiator's Silver Stick.png Ultimate Gladiator's Silver Stick 307-317 INT+9, DCT+9%, Increased Attack+10%, Max. HP+500, Hit+10%

90 Image:Angelss.gif Ultimate Angel Stick 384-398 INT+12, DCT+12%, Increased Attack+12%, Max. HP+500, Hit+10%

105 Image:Legendarys.gif Ultimate Legendary Golden Stick 414-429 INT+13, DCT+13%, Increased Attack+14%, Ranged Block+5%, Hit+10%

120 Image:Ultimate Gladiator's Gold Stick.png Ultimate Gladiator's Gold Stick 358-370 INT+12, DCT+12%, Increased Attack+12%, PVP Damage Increase+10%, Hit+10%

120 Image:Bloodystick.gif Ultimate Bloody Stick 447-463 INT+15, DCT+15%, Increased Attack+16%, Additional Damage to Bleeding Enemy+5%, Hit+10%

  • Please Note: The following weapons will become Soul Linked once equiped to your character. Once Soul Linked, the weapon CAN NOT be banked, warehoused, traded or sold.
Level Icon Name Attack min-max Added bonus
75 Image:Lusaka's Stick.png Ultimate Lusaka's Stick 471-488 INT+14, DCT+14%, Increased Attack+15%, Additional Damage to Monsters [Wind]+3%, Hit+10%

80 Image:Mirage.png Ultimate Mirage 510-529 INT+15, DCT+15%, Increased Attack+16%, Additional Damage to Monsters [Land]+3%, Hit+10%

95 Image:Song of Sirens.png Ultimate Song of Sirens 531-551 INT+17, DCT+17%, Increased Attack+18%, Additional Damage to Monsters [Water]+3%, Hit+10%

110 Image:Duchess.png Ultimate Duchess 577-598 INT+19, DCT+19%, Increased Attack+20%, Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric]+3%, Hit+10%

120 Image:Vampire Stick.gif Ultimate Vampire Stick 607-629 INT+21, DCT+21%, Increased Attack+22%, Additional Damage to Bleeding Enemy+3%, Hit+10%

75 Master Image:Lusaka's Crystal Stick.png Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Stick 607-629 INT+21, DCT+21%, Increased Attack+22%, Additional Damage to Monsters [Wind]+7%, Hit+10%

80 Master Image:Mystic Mirage.png Ultimate Mystic Mirage 658-683 INT+22, DCT+22%, Increased Attack+23%, Additional Damage to Monsters [Land]+7%, Hit+10%

95 Master Image:Majestic Song of Sirens.png Ultimate Majestic Song of Sirens 685-711 INT+24, DCT+24%, Increased Attack+25%, Additional Damage to Monsters [Water]+7%, Hit+10%

110 Master Image:Mastercraft Duchess.png Ultimate Mastercraft Duchess 745-772 INT+26, DCT+26%, Increased Attack+28%, Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric]+7%, Hit+10%

120 Master Image:Ancient Stick.gif Ultimate Ancient Stick 784-813 INT+28, DCT+28%, Increased Attack+30%, Additional Damage to Bleeding Enemy+7%, Hit+10%

!!! WARNING !!!

The following items can ONLY be upgraded using the Baruna Upgrading System!!!

Muran Stick

Level Icon Name Attack min-max Added bonus
135 Hero Image:Oracle.png Oracle 681-706 INT+30, DCT+30%, Increased Attack+32%, Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric]+8%, Hit+10%

Purified Yggdrasil Stick

Level Icon Name Attack min-max Added bonus
155 Hero Image:Purified-Yggdrasil-Stick.png Purified Yggdrasil Stick 932-965 DCT+38%, Increased Attack+40%, PvP Damage Increase+10%, INT+43, Hit+13%.
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