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Knight Skills
Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Region of Effect Description
image:Knight_Charge.png Charge 2H Swords 60 Sword Mastery 3
image:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Powerful, upward strike.
image:Knight_Pain Dealer.png Pain Dealer Axes 60 Axe Mastery 3
image:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Powerful, downward strike. Lowers the defense of the target. Requires two-handed Axe.
image:Knight_Guard.png Guard No Preference 62 None
image:Normalskill.gif Self Increases defense by lowering attack power. Requires a two-handed weapon.
image:Knight_Earth Divider.png Earth Divider 2H Swords 65 Charge 4
image:Normalskill.gif AOE Selected Target only Powerful, downward strike that hits the monsters that are in front of you.
image:Knight_Power Stomp.png Power Stomp Axes 65 Pain Dealer 4
image:Normalskill.gif AOE No target needed Pounds the ground, stunning nearby enemies. Requires two-handed Axe.
image:Knight_Rage.png Rage No Preference 65 Guard 5
image:Normalskill.gif Self Increases striking power and HP. Lowers defense and accuracy rate. Requires a two-handed weapon.
image:Knight_Pain Reflection.png Pain Reflection No Preference 70 Rage 4
image:Normalskill.gif Self Reflects a part of the damage received by an enemy.
image:Knight_Power Swing.png Power Swing No Preference 75 Pain Reflection 7
image:Normalskill.gif AOE No target needed To strike a blow at the enemy by flourishing a weapon. Requires a two-handed weapon. Generates Knockback.
image:Knight_Special Two-handed Mastery.png Special Two-handed Mastery No Preference 60M None
image:Normalskill.gif Self Increases damage while using a two-handed weapon.
image:Knight_Drawing.png Drawing No Preference 120H None
image:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Brings your target to you.