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AOE or Area of effect, is a term used in this game to categorize certain skills.. An AOE skill would be a skill which effects many targets at once. Skills that have an AOE effect may have different ranges.

AOE target needed, is a skill that will effect the target and the entities which surround it.
AOE no target needed, is a skill which effects multiple entities surrounding the User.

Skill Using AOE effect
Arrow Rain Condor Dive Heavens Step Power Stomp
Bgvur Tialbold Cross of Blood Ice Arrow Power Swing
Blade Dance Damage Ire of Ibilis Psychic Square
Blessing of the Wise Man Divine Prosperity Lightingstorm Raiment of Rhisis
Blizzard Earthquake Low Attack Group Sandstorm
Breath of Life Electric Shock Maelstrom Strike Shade's Calamity
Bubble's Blessing EVA Storm Maximum Crisis Stun Group
Burningfield Flame Arrow Merkaba Hanzelrusha Templar
BurningField Flash Meteo Shower Touch of Rhisis
Burst Crack Geburah Tiphreth Poison Cloud Windfield
Circle Healing Heal Rain