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Finding Dekane Mine

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Note: In order to get into the Dekane Mines, you need to click on the lever.

Dekane Mines Quest

Finding Dekane Mine lvl: 70~120
Keakoons in the mine lvl: 85~120
Death of mine
Dwarpet Kazen

New v15 Quest interface

Starting NPC

Cell Location
Cell Image:NPCCell2.jpg

Finding Dekane Mine

Quest Starting Location: Erons Factory 1 near Darkon 1 Lodestar.
Quest : Finding Dekane Mine
NPC : Cell
Quest Requirement : Level 70, 120
Objective : Cell will tell you to go find and talk to Rankashu. Once you find him in his chat box select Cell. This will trigger the next part in the quest.


Image:Ranchashu letter.png

Rankashu will say:"Oh Cell He is really a bother I have written this message for him Please deliver it to him"
He will give the letter then you must return to Cell to terminate Quest.

Reward: Experience 10,000,000, penya 100k

Mine Card
Image:Mine card.png

Access to Keakoons in the mine Part 1. Dekane Mine Card, put this in your bank until level 85. If you do not have it at level 85 you will not be able to do the quest. It must be in your pack to trigger Drian to give you the quest.

Quest Text:

"You are really willing to enter the Dekane Mine?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Then go visit the Dwarpet, Rankashu, in front of the Dekane Mine."

Denying Quest Text:

"Ha ha ha. Of course not. It is far too frightening"

During Quest Text:

"Is it so hard to tell me what I want to know? Leave quickly!"

Completed Quest Text:

"Here is the mine entrance card. It is up to you to enter but i advise against it. You may die."

Next Stage in Quest

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