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Image:Yellow exclamation.jpgWhen an NPC has a yellow exclamation point on his head. He has a quest for you
Image:Gray question mark.jpgWhen an NPC has a gray question mark on his head. He is waiting for you to finish the quest.
Image:Yellow question mark.jpgWhen an NPC has a yellow question mark on his head. You are ready to hand in quest to him.

New v15 Quest interface

Dr Estly's Mars Mine Dungeon Quest

Req. Level: 20-35
Where: Flaris Mars Mine
Rewards: Experience, Key

Ivillis Temple

Req. Level: 45-70
Where: Ivillis Dungeon, Saint Morning
Rewards: Experience

Dekane Mine Quest

Now completable with walkthrough.

Req. Level: 70~120 and 85~120
Where: Dekane Mine (Near Crane Machinery)
Rewards: Experience, Weapons, Items

Volkane Dungeon Quest

Req. Level: None.
Req. Item: 1 Phanbubble
Where: Darkon 3 (Far southern tip of the continent, beyond Glaphans. Behind the Guardians).
Rewards: Entrance to Dungeon

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