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Fighting Style
Crane Machinery
When Dieing Do they run ?
Ranged Attack ?
AOE Area of Attack ?
Spawns lesser monsters ?

Crane Machinery Pronounced krayn-mash-een-erie

These guys look exactly like a crane except instead of a normal boulder at the end of their line,

they carry a spiky mace ready to smash and crush. They have yellow bodies and four silver legs. They can blow

you away with a powerful critical attack if you don't protect yourself wisely.

Locating Crane Machinery

The largest spawn of Crane Machinery can be found in Western Darkon 1 just south of the

entrance into the Dekane Mine.

Crane Machinery

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet

Crane Machinery Statistics

Name lvl HP Def Mdef Exp Atk Ele
Small Crane Machinery 67 13,850 90 80 14,254 715~752 Image:Earth.gif
Crane Machinery 67 13,850 90 80 14,902 715~752 Image:Electric.gif
Captain Crane Machinery 68 14,005 91 81 15,821 719~757 Image:Earth.gif
Giant Crane Machinery 71 260,913 95 112 100,317 1,132~1,191 Image:Electric.gif

Note: Atk stat comes from kFlyff and may differ from our version.


Meat Salad Food item for recovering HP.
Fruit Sherbet Food item for recovering HP.
Steamed Seafood Food item for recovering HP.
Seventh Refresher Food item for recovering MP.
Eighth Refresher Food item for recovering MP.
VitalDrink 700 Food item for recovering FP.
Sunstone Enchanting item for basic upgrading.
Flame Card Enchanting item for Fire upgrading 1~20.
Penya In game currency.
Also drops equipment such as Armor and Weapons.



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