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Transportation Items

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Blinkwings available at NPC

Image:Blinkwing.gif Town Blinkwing Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Flaris Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Saint Morning

Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Darkon

Blinkwings available through Events

Image:BlinkwingVolcane.png Blinkwing of Volcane Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Darkon 3 Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Shaduwar
Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Darkon 1 Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Dekane Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Mars

Flying Devices

Flying Devices available at NPC

image:Magic Broom3.png
image:Magic Broom.pngMagic Broom info
image:Kestrel Broom3.png
image:Kestrel Broom.pngKestrel Broom info
image:Flicker Broom3.png
image:Flicker Broom.pngFlicker Broom info
image:Projan Broom3.png
image:Projan Broom.pngProjan Broom info
image:Hover Board3.png
image:Hover Board.pngHover Board info
image:Aero Board3.png
image:Aero Board.pngAero Board info
image:Wilduck Board3.png
image:Wilduck Board.pngWilduck Board info
image:Ignice Board3.png
image:Ignice Board.pngIgnice Board info

Flying Devices available In-Game

image:Riding Cloud (Blood Red)3.png
image:Riding Cloud (Blood Red).pngRiding Cloud (Blood Red) info
image:Meteonyker Wings3.png
image:Meteonyker Wings.pngMeteonyker Wings info

Flying Devices available through Special Sale

image:Meteo Bike (Red)3.png
image:Meteo Bike (Red).pngMeteo Bike (Red) info
image:Elegant Black Wings3.png
image:Elegant Black Wings.pngElegant Black Wings info
image:Elegant White Wings3.png
image:Elegant White Wings.pngElegant White Wings info
image:Hera Hover Bike (Black)3.png
image:Hera Hover Bike (Black).pngHera Hover Bike (Black) info
image:Tiger Board3.png
image:Tiger Board.pngTiger Board info
image:Riding Cloud (Sky Blue)3.png
image:Riding Cloud (Sky Blue).pngRiding Cloud (Sky Blue) info
image:Hera Hoverbike3.png
image:Hera Hoverbike.pngHera Hoverbike info
image:Gray Wings of the Divine Prophet3.png
image:Gray Wings of the Divine Prophet.pngGray Wings of the Divine Prophet info
image:Angelic Wings3.png
image:Angelic Wings.pngAngelic Wings info
image:Syila Hoverbike3.png
image:Syila Hoverbike.pngSyila Hoverbike info
image:Piyoko.pngPiyoko info
image:The Hot One3.png
image:The Hot One.pngThe Hot One info
image:Model TR-ex3.png
image:Model TR-ex.pngModel TR-ex info
image:Red Bike3.png
image:Red Bike.pngRed Bike info


image:Fplanet Board3.png
image:Fplanet Board.pngFplanet Board info
image:Wooden Rocking Horse3.png
image:Wooden Rocking Horse.pngWooden Rocking Horse info
image:Magic Carpet3.png
image:Magic Carpet.pngMagic Carpet info
image:Riding Cloud (Light pink)3.png
image:Riding Cloud (Light pink).pngRiding Cloud (Light pink) info
image:Riding Cloud (Orange)3.png
image:Riding Cloud (Orange).pngRiding Cloud (Orange) info
image:Dragon Stick3.png
image:Dragon Stick.pngDragon Stick info
image:Lawolf Sled3.png
image:Lawolf Sled.pngLawolf Sled info
image:Sword Board3.png
image:Sword Board.pngSword Board info
image:Snowboard.pngSnowboard info
image:Clock Bike (White)3.png
image:Clock Bike (White).pngClock Bike (White) info
image:Clock Bike (Orange)3.png
image:Clock Bike (Orange).pngClock Bike (Orange) info
image:Clock Bike (Violet)3.png
image:Clock Bike (Violet).pngClock Bike (Violet) info
image:Translucent Dragonfly Wings3.png
image:Translucent Dragonfly Wings.pngTranslucent Dragonfly Wings info
image:Meteo Bike (Green)3.png
image:Meteo Bike (Green).pngMeteo Bike (Green) info
image:Meteo Bike (Yellow)3.png
image:Meteo Bike (Yellow).pngMeteo Bike (Yellow) info
image:Limousine Bike3.png
image:Limousine Bike.pngLimousine Bike info
image:Alabaster Butterfly Wings3.png
image:Alabaster Butterfly Wings.pngAlabaster Butterfly Wings info
image:Crimson Butterfly Wings3.png
image:Crimson Butterfly Wings.pngCrimson Butterfly Wings info
image:Pink Fairie Wings3.png
image:Pink Fairie Wings.pngPink Fairie Wings info
image:Blue Fairie Wings3.png
image:Blue Fairie Wings.pngBlue Fairie Wings info
image:Mantle of the Raven3.png
image:Mantle of the Raven.pngMantle of the Raven info
image:Plume of the Dove3.png
image:Plume of the Dove.pngPlume of the Dove info
image:Indigo Butterfly Wings3.png
image:Indigo Butterfly Wings.pngIndigo Butterfly Wings info
image:Smile Board3.png
image:Smile Board.pngSmile Board info
image:Translucent Butterfly Wings3.png
image:Translucent Butterfly Wings.pngTranslucent Butterfly Wings info
image:Air Shark Board3.png
image:Air Shark Board.pngAir Shark Board info
image:Bored Board3.png
image:Bored Board.pngBored Board info
image:Bronze Glory Wings3.png
image:Bronze Glory Wings.pngBronze Glory Wings info
image:Silver Glory Wings3.png
image:Silver Glory Wings.pngSilver Glory Wings info
image:Golden Glory Wings3.png
image:Golden Glory Wings.pngGolden Glory Wings info
image:Disposable Lawolf Sled3.png
image:Disposable Lawolf Sled.pngDisposable Lawolf Sled info
image:Disposable Lawolf Sled S3.png
image:Disposable Lawolf Sled S.pngDisposable Lawolf Sled S info
image:Dragon Stick S3.png
image:Dragon Stick S.pngDragon Stick S info
image:Flyff Board3.png
image:Flyff Board.pngFlyff Board info
image:Galaxy Guitar3.png
image:Galaxy Guitar.pngGalaxy Guitar info
image:Hera Hoverbike S3.png
image:Hera Hoverbike S.pngHera Hoverbike S info
image:Magic Broom For Beginners (Event)3.png
image:Magic Broom For Beginners (Event).pngMagic Broom For Beginners (Event) info
image:Mystic Broom of the Wind3.png
image:Mystic Broom of the Wind.pngMystic Broom of the Wind info
image:Speedy Lawolf Sled3.png
image:Speedy Lawolf Sled.pngSpeedy Lawolf Sled info
image:Super Chameleon3.png
image:Super Chameleon.pngSuper Chameleon info
image:Wings of the Malevolent Dragon3.png
image:Wings of the Malevolent Dragon.pngWings of the Malevolent Dragon info
image:Blue Bike3.png
image:Blue Bike.pngBlue Bike info

Other Transportation Items

Image:ShubrinRing.png Couple Ring Image:ShubrinRing.png Wedding Ring Image:FriendshipA.png Friendship (A)
Image:FriendshipB.png Friendship (B) Image:RegTeleportMap.png Regular Teleport Map Image:Premium Teleport Map.png Premium Teleport Map

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