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Here you can find an overview of all the available Male Fashion in the game.


Fashion Sets Available through Cash Shop

Regular Fashion

Big Bad Wolf (M) Set Baseball (M) Set Bodyguard (M) Set
Bruce Lee Set (M) Chef Set (M) Chipao Panda Set (M)
Demon Set (M) Cyberpunk (M) Set Cowboy (M) Set
Dragon Yukata (M) Frog (M) Set Detective (M) Set
FV-13 Power Armor (M) Set Gothic (M) Set image:Garb of Aibatt M.png Garb of the Aibatt (M) Set
Hip Hop (M) Set Kai (M) Set Mad Hatter (M) Set
Madrigal Guardian Pink (M) Set Madrigal Guardian Green (M) Set Madrigal Guardian Blue (M) Set
Martial Artist Set (M) Madrigal Guardian Yellow (M) Set Madrigal Guardian Red (M) Set
Mummy (F) Set Muaythai Set (M) Modern Black Swimsuit (M) Set
Mummy (M) Set Ninja (M) Set NFL (M) Set
Pirate (M) Set Primitive (M) Set Police (M) Set
Rabbit Set (M) Road Hog Set (M) Reconnaissance Set (M)
Kung Fu Set (M) Sailor Blue (M) Set Rudolph (M) Set
Sailor Indigo (M) Set Sailor Green (M) Set Sailor Red (M) Set
Shinigami Set (M) Samurai Set (M) Shower (M) Set
Skater Set (M) Skeleton (M) Set Sinbad (M) Set
Space Cadet (M) Set Snowboarder (M) Set Skipper (M) Set
Superhero (M) Set Steam Punk Set (M) Spy (M)
Traditional Chile (M) Set Teddy Bear (M) Set Traditional German (M) Set
Traditional Phillippines (M) Set Traditional Native American (M) Set Tuxedo Black Set (M)
Tuxedo Brown Set (M) Tuxedo Gray Set (M) Vampire (M) Set
Uniform EX (M) Set WarLord (M) Set Wedding (M) Set
Yetti Set (M) Yukata 2006 (M) Set Yukata (M) Set
Yukata 2008 (M) Set Traditional Taiwan Set (M) Yukata 2009 (M) Set

Statted Fashion

image:Azurite M.png Azurite Noble Set (M) image:Regal M.png Regal Set (M) image:Dark Prince M.png Dark Prince Set (M)
image:Emerald M.png Emerald Set (M) Set of the Fierce Dragon King (M) Set of the Wise Dragon King (M)
Set of the Almighty Dragon King (M)

Fashion Sets Available through Special Sales

Mistletoe (M) Set Brown Bunny Yukata (M) Set Blue Bunny Yukata (M) Set
Casanova Set (M) Santa (M) Set Snowman (M) Set
Rose Bunny Yukata (M) Set image:Daddy EJ (M).png Daddy EJ (M) Set Red Kung Fu (M) Set
White Kai (M) Set image:Blue Snowboarder (M).png Blue Snowboarder (M) Set

Fashion Sets Available through Events

Regular Fashion

Blue Soccer (M) Set Ghastly Ghoul Set (M) Frog Set 2015 (M)
Red Soccer Set (M) Hanbok Set (M) Bushido Yukata 2010 (M) Set
White Soccer Set (M) Stylish Santa (M) Set Vampire 2015 (M)
Leprechaun (M) Set Amphibian Warrior (M) Cat Set (M)
Traditional German Outfit Set (M) 2015 image:Blue Santa M.png Blue Santa Set (M) image: Green Tuxedo Set M.png Green Tuxedo Set (M)

Statted Fashion

image:Joker M.png Joker Set (M) 2015 Armor of the Rising Sun Set (M) image:Casual Hanbok Costume M.png Casual Hanbok Costume (M)
2016 Ninja Set (M) image:Luxurious Ski Set M.png Luxurious Ski Set (M) 2015 Armor of the Setting Sun Set (M)
image:Casino M.png Casino (M) image:FWC Regional M.png FWC Regional Winner (M) Mizu Yukata Set (M)
image:FWC 3rd Place M.png FWC 3rd Place (M) image:FWC 2011 Silver M.png FWC 2011 Silver (M) image:FWC 2011 Golden M.png FWC 2011 Golden (M)
2020 Shinigami (M) Set Scary Ghastly Ghoul Set (M) Horrible Skeleton (M) Set
Paddy's Armor (M) Set 2020 Rabbit (M) Set Demon 2020 (M) Set
image:Groom's Wedding (M).png Groom's Wedding (M) Set image:Summer Beachwear (M).png Summer Beachwear (M) Set

Other Fashion Sets

School Swimsuit (M) Set Black Diver (M) Set Clown (M) Set
Green Beach Swimsuit (M) Set Giraffe Set (M) Red Beachwear (M) Set
Green Beachwear (M) Set Cats (M) Set Green Swimwear (M) Set
Lamb (M) Set Kang Shi (M) Set Panda Set (M)
Royal Cook (M) Set Red Swimwear (M) Set Samba Set (M)
Set of the Rising Sun (M) Spacesuit (M) Set Set of the Setting Sun (M)
Space Samurai (M) Set Sul Bim (M) Set Swimwear (M) Set
School Uniform Set (M)

Lord Fashion Set

image:Dignity Set M.png Lord Set (M)

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