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Arcanist Armor

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All sets at this level are Rare or Un-Purchasable through NPC

Mystical Lippin/Lypine

Image:Mystical Lippin Set (M)set.gif Level Defense Mystical Lippin Set (M) Set (Male) Mystical Lypine Set (F) Set (Female) Image:Mystical Lypine Set (F)set.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
130 824 ~ 825 Image:M_ELEL_HELMET.png Mystical Lippin Set (M) Helmet Image:F_ELEL_HELMET.png Mystical Lypine Set (F) Helmet
650 ~ 652 Image:M_ELEL_BOOTS.png Mystical Lippin Set (M) Boots Image:F_ELEL_BOOTS.png Mystical Lypine Set (F) Boots
824 ~ 825 Image:M_ELEL_GAUNTLET.png Mystical Lippin Set (M) Gauntlet Image:F_ELEL_GAUNTLET.png Mystical Lypine Set (F) Gauntlet
1254 ~ 1258 Image:M_ELEL_SUIT.png Mystical Lippin Set (M) Suit Image:F_ELEL_SUIT.png Mystical Lypine Set (F) Suit
1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: Decreased Casting Time +30%, Melee Block +25%, Increased HP +30%, Max. MP +100

Yggdrasil Arcanist

Image:Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (M)set.gif Level Defense Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (M) Set (Male) Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (F) Set (Female) Image:Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (F)set.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
155 956 ~ 958 Image:M_ELEY_HELMET.png Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (M) Helmet Image:F_ELEY_HELMET.png Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (F) Helmet
765 ~ 767 Image:M_ELEY_BOOTS.png Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (M) Boots Image:F_ELEY_BOOTS.png Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (F) Boots
956 ~ 958 Image:M_ELEY_GAUNTLET.png Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (M) Gauntlet Image:F_ELEY_GAUNTLET.png Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (F) Gauntlet
1429 ~ 1434 Image:M_ELEY_SUIT.png Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (M) Suit Image:F_ELEY_SUIT.png Yggdrasil Arcanist Set (F) Suit
1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: Decrease Casting Time +35%, Melee Block +30%, Increased HP +35%, Max. MP +200

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