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Fighting Style
Dreadful Rangda
When Dieing Do they run ?
Ranged Attack ?
AOE Area of Attack ?
Spawns lesser monsters ?

Dreadful Rangda Pronounced d-red-ful rang-da

Once upon a time, in the deepest forest of Darkon, lived a witch named Rangda. She suffered from a terrible and mysterious illness that made her see only illusions. As a result, she lived in her own fantasy world where she cursed everything around her until the day she died.

Unfortunately, Rangda’s soul was too heavy to leave Madrigal, so it stayed here with no choice but to wander the world. Some explorers say that they’ve seen her moving aimlessly through the trees in the darkest places, but no one has ever gotten close enough to see if it’s really her...

If you happen to see Rangda, do not underestimate this poor old witch... in whatever form she appears in! Each of the four incarnations of Rangda : Rangda, Horrible Rangda, Uncanny Rangda, and Dreadful Rangda are giants. Not much is known of her but it is said that she is impervious to many spells and she is hard to find for she appears and disappears randomly. - drops unique items!

Locating Dreadful Rangda

Each incarnation of Rangda has 3 appearance places. If it is not hunted in an hour at one location, it moves to the another place. Here are some screenshots of where each incarnations of Rangda spawns. These are approximates, she may spawn elsewhere.

Volkane Northeast
Volkane Northwest
Volkane Southwest

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet

Dreadful Rangda Statistics

Name lvl HP Def Mdef Exp Atk Ele
Rangda 70 313,096 95 112 132,380 1,358~1,429 Image:Fire.gif
Horrible Rangda 85 968,344 103 136 733,926 2,257~2,376 Image:Water.gif
Uncanny Rangda 100 1,388,670 103 168 2,927,870 2,696~2,838 Image:Electric.gif
Dreadful Rangda 115 2,241,841 103 214 8,497,335 3,066~3,186 Image:Wind.gif

Note: Atk stat comes from kFlyff and may differ from our version.


Variety of consumables
Piece of Topaz
Piece of Moonstone
Piece of Sunstone
Lengendary series



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