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Quest Yggdrasil Queen Ant

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Starting NPC

(Sage) Radion Location
(Sage) Radion Image:NPCRadion2.jpg

Huge Naiphin

Quest Starting Location: Fountain of Dead Person
Quest : Huge Naiphin
NPC : (Sage) Radion
Quest Requirement : Level 150+
Objective : Kill 2 Yggdrasil Queen Ants.

(Sage) Radion

Reward: 4,000,000,000 Exp.

Quest Text:

"The Yggdrasil Ants are insects that eat the essence of the World Tree. Because of that, they have become much larger than regular ants. However, their food source became depleted some time ago. Therefore, they hunt the surrounding monsters and humans for food. Could you solve this problem? Kill the Queen Ant that controls them. The Queen Ant lives deep inside Mars Mine."

Accepting Quest Text:

"I knew you'd listen to me."

Denying Quest Text:

"It is...? Sorry."

During Quest Text:

"You're not done yet?"

Completed Quest Text:

"Oh! I'm so glad! Hopefully the mine will return to its former glory someday."

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