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When a player's HP drops to 0, that player dies. The penalty for death depends on your level:

Character Lv. Experience Penalty
1 ~ 20 No penalty
21 ~ 29 6% Exp. Loss
30 ~ 59 5% Exp. Loss
60 ~ 89 4% Exp. Loss
90 ~ 99 3% Exp. Loss
100 ~ 109 2% Exp. Loss
110 ~ 120 1.5% Exp. Loss

You will also be forced to respawn at the nearest Lodestar (town) after dying. However, here are a few additional notes regarding death:

  • If the loss of experience from death is greater than the amount of experience you currently have, you will revert to your previous level (de-level) to fulfill the experience penalty.
  • Assists have a skill called Image:Assist_Resurrection.gif Resurrection which can bring a dead character back to life. The skill has a max level of 20, and depending on the level of the skill, it can reduce the amount of experience lost from the death. Resurrection from an Assist can not completely eliminate the loss of experience from death, however.
  • A Image:ScrollBlessing.gif Scroll of Blessing, when in effect, will prevent the loss of any experience upon death.
  • A Image:ScrollResurrection.gif Scroll of Resurrection, used after death, will prevent the loss of any experience and resurrect the character at the place of death instantly.

Note: If you have a Scroll of Blessing active and you use a Scroll of Resurrection, you will not lose experience and you will keep the Scroll of Blessing active.

PK Servers

On a PK server, if a player dies with a red name, that player has a high probability of dropping items from their inventory on the ground upon death. Note that this ONLY applies to PK servers, and ONLY applies to characters with a red name.

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