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What are they?

Cash Shop Pets are different from In-Game pets in the sense that they cannot die and do not need to be hatched,fed, or leveled. Various Cash Shop Pets cost 1050-1800 Wcoins, and are used for picking up dropped items for players. Even though they do not provide STR STA INT or DEX additions, these tiny creatures are conveniently independent and handy.

Picking up Items


Sometimes purchasable at the Cash Shop in the Pets Section, obtainable through events or purchasable from other players in-game. They can be summoned or unsummoned at any time (not during flying). While summoned, it will follow you and automatically pick up any items that have dropped onto the ground nearby. They have a tendency to pick up consumables and penya first. Since the introduction of V21 you are able to decide what your pet picks up by using the drop filter

Pick-Up Pets

Available in Cash Shop

image:Baby Beagle3.png
image:Baby Beagle.pngBaby Beagle Info

image:Baby Monkey3.png
image:Baby Monkey.pngBaby Monkey Info

image:Tiger Cub3.png
image:Tiger Cub.pngTiger Cub Info

image:Baby Cobra3.png
image:Baby Cobra.pngBaby Cobra Info

image:Joey.pngJoey Info

image:Baby Tiger3.png
image:Baby Tiger.pngBaby Tiger Info

image:Baby Lawolf3.png
image:Baby Lawolf.pngBaby Lawolf Info

image:Spike.pngSpike Info

image:Baby Turtle3.png
image:Baby Turtle.pngBaby Turtle Info

image:Baby Iguana3.png
image:Baby Iguana.pngBaby Iguana Info

image:Baby Leyena3.png
image:Baby Leyena.pngBaby Leyena Info

image:Tommy Toucan3.png
image:Tommy Toucan.pngTommy Toucan Info

image:Baby Panda3.png
image:Baby Panda.pngBaby Panda Info

image:Kitty.pngKitty Info

image:Baby Hamster3.png
image:Baby Hamster.pngBaby Hamster Info

image:Baby Horse3.png
image:Baby Horse.pngBaby Horse Info

image:Baby Rabbit3.png
image:Baby Rabbit.pngBaby Rabbit Info

image:Cute Frog3.png
image:Cute Frog.pngCute Frog Info

image:Baby Chicken3.png
image:Baby Chicken.pngBaby Chicken Info

image:Baby Luia3.png
image:Baby Luia.pngBaby Luia Info

image:Cute Lamb3.png
image:Cute Lamb.pngCute Lamb Info

image:Baby Cow3.png
image:Baby Cow.pngBaby Cow Info

image:Baby Pig3.png
image:Baby Pig.pngBaby Pig Info

image:Doggy.pngDoggy Info

Available through Events

image:Naughty Ghost3.png
image:Naughty Ghost.pngNaughty Ghost Info

image:Braaaaains.pngBraaaaains Info

image:Baby Buur Cage3.png
image:Baby Buur Cage.pngBaby Buur Cage Info

image:Baby Gray Earl Cage3.png
image:Baby Gray Earl Cage.pngBaby Gray Earl Cage Info

image:Baby Ripper Cage3.png
image:Baby Ripper Cage.pngBaby Ripper Cage Info

image:Soccerball Angel3.png
image:Soccerball Angel.pngSoccerball Angel Info

image:The White Rabbit3.png
image:The White Rabbit.pngThe White Rabbit Info

image:Baby Aibatt3.png
image:Baby Aibatt.pngBaby Aibatt Info

image:Patches.pngPatches Info

image:Black Bulldog Pet3.png
image:Black Bulldog Pet.pngBlack Bulldog Pet Info


image:Bone Golem3.png
image:Bone Golem.pngBone Golem Info

image:Baby Robot3.png
image:Baby Robot.pngBaby Robot Info

image:Armored Tigar (Yellow)3.png
image:Armored Tigar (Yellow).pngArmored Tigar (Yellow) Info

image:Armored Tigar (Red)3.png
image:Armored Tigar (Red).pngArmored Tigar (Red) Info

image:Armored Tigar (Blue)3.png
image:Armored Tigar (Blue).pngArmored Tigar (Blue) Info

image:Smart Owl3.png
image:Smart Owl.pngSmart Owl Info

image:Lumia.pngLumia Info

image:Baby Dragon3.png
image:Baby Dragon.pngBaby Dragon Info

image:Cute Hamburger3.png
image:Cute Hamburger.pngCute Hamburger Info

image:English Bulldog3.png
image:English Bulldog.pngEnglish Bulldog Info

image:Chameleon.pngChameleon Info

image:Small Mia3.png
image:Small Mia.pngSmall Mia Info

image:Tamed Bolo3.png
image:Tamed Bolo.pngTamed Bolo Info

image:Mini Santa3.png
image:Mini Santa.pngMini Santa Info

Buff Pets

Available in Cash Shop

image:Baby Bang3.png
image:Baby Bang.pngBaby Bang Info

image:Small Maid Cardpuppet3.png
image:Small Maid Cardpuppet.pngSmall Maid Cardpuppet Info

image:Big Red3.png
image:Big Red.pngBig Red Info

image:Baby Black Dragon3.png
image:Baby Black Dragon.pngBaby Black Dragon Info

image:Inspector Koko3.png
image:Inspector Koko.pngInspector Koko Info

image:Soul Dancer3.png
image:Soul Dancer.pngSoul Dancer Info

image:X900 EvilTron3.png
image:X900 EvilTron.pngX900 EvilTron Info

image:Mocomochi.pngMocomochi Info

image:Little Lykan3.png
image:Little Lykan.pngLittle Lykan Info

image:Cheshire Cat3.png
image:Cheshire Cat.pngCheshire Cat Info

image:BabyPolarBear.pngBabyPolarBear Info

image:Baby Fu Lion3.png
image:Baby Fu Lion.pngBaby Fu Lion Info

Available through Events

image:Observing Producer Kim Cage3.png
image:Observing Producer Kim Cage.pngObserving Producer Kim Cage Info

image:Mister Grizz3.png
image:Mister Grizz.pngMister Grizz Info

image:Charming Babushka Doll3.png
image:Charming Babushka Doll.pngCharming Babushka Doll Info

image:Jimbo the Snowman3.png
image:Jimbo the Snowman.pngJimbo the Snowman Info

image:Mr. Grinchie3.png
image:Mr. Grinchie.pngMr. Grinchie Info

image:Usagi.pngUsagi Info

image:White Rudolph Pet3.png
image:White Rudolph Pet.pngWhite Rudolph Pet Info


image:Rudolph.pngRudolph Info

image:Jack Frost3.png
image:Jack Frost.pngJack Frost Info

image:Little Muran3.png
image:Little Muran.pngLittle Muran Info

image:Tiny Tanuki3.png
image:Tiny Tanuki.pngTiny Tanuki Info

image:Lil' gPotato3.png
image:Lil' gPotato.pngLil' gPotato Info

image:Friendly Baby Kargo3.png
image:Friendly Baby Kargo.pngFriendly Baby Kargo Info

image:Kuma.pngKuma Info

image:Cute Baby Cat3.png
image:Cute Baby Cat.pngCute Baby Cat Info

Lord Pet

  • Can ONLY be obtained by becoming a Lord.
  • Duration of this pet is two weeks ie. during the Lord's reign.
image:Baby Yetti3.png
image:Baby Yetti.pngBaby Yetti Info

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